vista event monitor event 1530

  aine 19:14 07 Dec 2007

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I had a problem booting my pc 2 days ago, investigating the event monitor, it displayed this problem. I cant understand it other than it may have been an incorrect shutdown.The pc now runs OK but should i try to repair this problem somehow? If you could help I would be very grateful Aine

  skidzy 20:30 07 Dec 2007

It looks like you may have Mcafee's site advisor installed and maybe this could be the cause of the registry problem.
Uninstall Mcafee Site Advisor if its on the system and run ccleaner click here and reboot.

You could always reinstall Mcafee SA if you so desire.

If the problem persists,try running Winaso regopt version click here leave this on its default setings,it is a trial version and will correct any 10 errors at any one time-though you can rescan and repair as you like.

If still no joy,post back and we can look a little deeper.

  aine 21:36 07 Dec 2007

hi skidzy. Ihave done what you suggested.I have noticed that FireFox will only load in"best known configuration. the PC will boot in normal mode but FireFox will not work.History, at 3am one morning the PC was active so i turned it off. I feel I may have pressed the sleep button by mistake.Next day the PC would not boot, I restarted it with best config, OK On looking at the event monitor I felt this error was due to stopping the PC while windows where working,ie security check. I am afraid to do a vista repair, I only have the upgrade disc for this PC. prior to this event vista has been very stable.I have done loads of scans ,but nothing has come to light. Regards Aine

  aine 23:01 07 Dec 2007

skidzy I am back. I have acronis setup ,if I press f11 on loading perhaps that correct any problems?

  skidzy 09:11 08 Dec 2007

Are you saying you have an Acronis backup image saved from a previous time ?

Something that may be avaible for you;

Boot into safemode (f8 on startup) and look at the options availble and see if you have a repair option.

Im not sure if its availble through an upgrade,it is on a preinstalled version of Vista.

I am led to believe that the upgrade disc is the full os and can be used for a repair if needed,though im not positive,hopefully someone can confirm this.

Vista repair click here

As Firefox is playing up,i can only assume your registry is corrupt...did you run Winaso ?

You may need to remove Firefox and possibly your profile click here
click here you will need to totally remove Firefox and all its bits and bobs for a clean reinstall,remember to always cleanup after any uninstallation (Ccleaner).

Last thing for now,your not alone with Vista sleep problems,its a common problem,me included.
Waking from sleep sometimes results in black screen requiring a hard reset.This problem is hopefully being addressed in the Vista SP1 due out early next year.

  aine 12:32 08 Dec 2007

I have acronis installed, last backup 1/12/07.
I ran winaso but to be honest I really did not know what to look for.
Do you feel that I should try acronis first?
In safe mode the repair option is not listed. Aine

  skidzy 13:08 08 Dec 2007

If you are going to use your ATI backup,backup your newest data first before reinstalling the image.

Winaso....just let it scan and select repair,you will have to rescan several times and repair several times under the trial version.
This is a very good program and very similar to the very good program Registry Mechanic.

How many errors does winaso through up ?

  aine 13:26 08 Dec 2007

The total number of errors is 417, is it worth buying to correct all these errors or would registry mechanic be better

  skidzy 13:30 08 Dec 2007

Firstly i would and have done in the past,just keep rescanning and repairing...(Create system restore point first)...... this will take a while but certainly worth trying this first before you part with any money.

Winaso v Reg Mechanic
Undecided,though i prefer Winaso but do use both,it would be unfair of me to what is best.

  aine 17:15 08 Dec 2007

hello skidzy, I used winaso like you suggested, deleted every error found.47 scans required to clear them all.Rebooted in normal load, OK. Firefox loaded without having to reinstall it.Many thanks to you, I feel that all your suggestions have cured the problem.Your are a genius! I doubt that I will never gain all this knowledge, and keep it. I will click this as resolved. regards Aine

  skidzy 17:55 08 Dec 2007

As said,Winaso is very good and cures a lot of registry problems that Ccleaner does not.
Though a little tedious with rescanning and repairing,its certainly worth the effort.

Just one tip,do keep on top of your computer with regular cleanups using Winaso and Ccleaner.

Just to add,Winaso does more for the computer than just clean up,if any further help is required...let me know.

Dont forget the tick in resolved Aine,this may help others in the future.

All the best.

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