Vista duel boot order

  sunny staines 09:27 15 Sep 2006

I am about to install vista to see how some of my XP drivers cope using duel boot.

1] how would i set XP as the default boot?

2] Its it easy after deleting vista to clear the option of the vista boot?

I will be using tewo Hard drives one xp one vista.

  Zeppelyn 09:50 15 Sep 2006

Provided you have a free partition or extra disk to install Vista to then yes you can do this but not all XP drivers are compatible with Vista. Saying that RC1 does have much improved driver support than previous betas.

Also Vista has a new boot loader that does away with the ntldr and boot.ini method of booting and amending this has to be done with a horrible command prompt utility called bcdedit which is not for the faint hearted. But this can be overcome by using a neat little program called Vista BootPro which works well click here

Remember that when you delete Vista its boot sector will remain on the root of C: in a folder called Boot. You will have to delete this and then use the XP Recovery Console commands of fixboot and fixmbr to have XP boot automatically.

Hope this helps but feel free to ask more if unsure.

  Zeppelyn 09:53 15 Sep 2006

PS. Even thou you might install Vista to a drive other than C: when you boot into it dont be suprised that Vista is showing as C drive, this is normal.

  sunny staines 10:03 15 Sep 2006

thanks for the advice not as straight forward as i though it would be. i will wait till i have a few days off work before trying this set up.

  sunny staines 13:02 15 Sep 2006


if vista takes up c drive does xp automatically goto d drive?

would make a clone of xp drive in ghost then pasting it back after deleting vista drive sort out the leftover vista boot files?

  Zeppelyn 13:43 15 Sep 2006

The drives dont actually physically change, only when in Vista would XP appear to be on D. If your in XP then XP is C and Vista D. Daft innit.

No the clone would not work as I see it as you would also be cloning c:\boot which when restored would put the folder back. I suppose you could try temporarily moving it but you would still need to reinstate the XP boot sector as above for XP to boot normally.

  sunny staines 20:44 15 Sep 2006

thanks again for the advice.

  De Marcus™ 21:08 15 Sep 2006

I've installed each beta as and when it's been available, never has Vista purported to run from the C: drive as opposed to the d: drive it's actually installed on.


  De Marcus™ 21:08 15 Sep 2006

should have added it's a dual boot scenario with xp on c:

  sunny staines 23:38 15 Sep 2006

thanks for the advice,how are you planning to deletew vista are you using the zeppelyn's method?

  De Marcus™ 23:49 15 Sep 2006

I don't plan on uninstalling vista (I'd simply restore an up to date acronis backup) but if I did, I'd be following this guide click here

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