Vista Drivers?

  ulrich 18:58 24 Apr 2007

I really think the problem with Vista Dvrs lies with MS not the other manufacturers. I must admit I haven't a clue how it all works, but Vista seemed to take a long time to come out and kept changing. Also MS have said a new OS in 2 yrs. So it will all happen again. XP works for now so stick to it.

  Pine Man 19:22 24 Apr 2007

I couldn't agree less.

Every few years Microsoft develops a new operating system, which isn't compulsory!

During the development stages and prior to public release the new o/s is made available to third party manufacturers and most of these prepare updated packages or make new drivers available. A minority do nothing until months after the event. A prime example of this is Creative Labs.

Going back over at least the last two or three operating systems there were problems with compatability and many people do not purchase new systems for at least six months for that very reason.

I however, like many others, purchased Vista very soon after the final release and I, also like many others, expected some teething problems - and got them!

Not for one minute do I blame Microsoft for developing new operating systems if not we would all still be typing commands in DOS.

You say XP works for you but did you actually use it when it first came out I wonder?

  ulrich 19:33 24 Apr 2007

To your last question. I am not blaming MS to getting out new systems, what I am saying is the way it runs seemed to change rather a lot. ok they can afford it, but not all the small firms can keep producing new drivers everytime Microsoft come up against one problem or the other. I cannot wait for DX10, but I am not going to spend £70 on something that I cannot use, I will let all the people with lots of money or freebies sort it out, but now should I wait for the new OS?

  Pine Man 19:46 24 Apr 2007

I bought a new PC with Vista installed and have only had a couple of issues with drivers and I am bound to say I probably had slightly more issues with XP.

On another thread a member has written blaming Microsoft because he was told by a company that hardware they were selling was compatible with Vista, which it wasn't. How can that be Microsofts fault?

Most of us get involved with new operating systems with our eyes wide open and those that aren't sure wait. As I said earlier Vista isn't compulsory and XP will run supported for many years yet so stick with it and save money and avoid grey hair. Or do like me and dive in head first but bald headed!

Don't feel to bad about sticking with XP another thread is concerned with someone wanting to load windows 3.11 and dos 6.22!!

  ulrich 21:01 24 Apr 2007

That you brought your PC new. I cannot afford a new one so I upgrade what I have, plus the fact it is more fun.

I must admit it is a hobby, although rather expensive, Iam 60, but I like to play games, at the moment Silent Hunter 4, I read the specs and saw it was best with 2gb of ram. Well worth it the graphics with my 8800GTS and XP64 4000 OC cpu are great.

The trouble is if I had Vista I couldn't play it decently. So I do not have it, but when things get sorted out I will. In the mean time I can carry on printing, going on the internet and all the other things I have been doing for the last 4yrs.

  Pine Man 08:54 25 Apr 2007

Nothing wrong with playing games at 60. I passed that milestone a couple of years ago and I am still intrigued by simulators - flight, train & boat!!

Computers are also my hobby having started a mllion years ago with a Sinclair ZX81. I was lucky enough to be able to take early retirement five years ago and now have loads of time to spend on computers.


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