Vista and Drivers !!

  martin p 08:57 24 Apr 2007

Just bought a DELL laptop (great),bought a Trust, Webcam it won`t work with Vista Basic,my Epson all in one printer has compatability issuses. Where will it end?.
My advise for what it`s worth, WAIT 6 months for MS to sort out there problems.
Would`nt have this problem if you bought a new car ?
Mr Angry of Dunstable.

  anskyber 09:24 24 Apr 2007

It's not really MS to take the lead and it's not really their problem.

The manufacturers of the third part equipment should provide updated drivers.

What on earth were you doing buying a webcam without checking if it was Vista compliant?

  BurrWalnut 09:25 24 Apr 2007

It's not the fault of Microsoft, it's the peripheral manufacturers who are at fault. Go to their respective websites and check for Vista drivers.

If you had run the webcam and printer against the Vista Upgrade Advisor you would have known that they weren't compatible.

  [email protected] 11:16 24 Apr 2007

i think 6 months is a little optimistic, the upgrade advisor didnt detect incompatibility with
my webcam
28 games
all but one benchmarking programs
sound card

but its not microsofts fault, so im told

  jakimo 13:14 24 Apr 2007

Many software manufacturers are claiming that the delay in providing Vista drivers is due to Microsoft withholding the data information required to produce Vista driver's, the same occurred when XP was released

  rodriguez 13:42 24 Apr 2007

What model number is your Epson all in one? Mine's a Photo RX425 and I found that the software downloaded from click here works OK. click here for you webcam, if they don't have Vista drivers listed for yours, it shouldn't hurt to download the XP ones as I've installed a camera with XP drivers before when Vista drivers weren't available.

  martin p 14:59 24 Apr 2007

answer to Anskyber, the shop i purchaced from said it was compliant ( webcam )don`t know why you side with MS, it`s them that have changed the goal posts !!. The printer is a rx6050,most of the settings work with XP,some don`t.
I still don`t see why i should have to buy new products, when my old ones are perfectly usable.
Martin P.

  anskyber 15:04 24 Apr 2007

If the webcam is Vista compliant did it come with the drivers and have you checked the manufacturers website for the Vista drivers?

I'm not siding with anyone just explaining the facts as they are.

  anskyber 15:18 24 Apr 2007

I cannot find the RX 6050 but there is a DX 6050 with Vista drivers if you want to try those. click here

  Pine Man 16:10 24 Apr 2007

I am surprised you accuse anskyber of siding with Microsoft - what have they done wrong?

They have developed a new operating system, which has been available publicly from the beginning of this year and to third party manufacturers for some considerable time before to enable them to develop new drivers etc.

The shop told the webcam was compliant but it wasn't. How can that be Microsofts fault.

If a garage sells you a Ford petrol engined car and tells you it will run on diesel is it Fords fault if it won't work?

The blame, in my opinion, falls on the third party manufacturers who have not developed drivers for their old hardware, probably in the hope that people will by new peripherals.

  martin p 17:18 24 Apr 2007

Sorry was DX 6050 and epson claim the drivers are not up to speed yet.

The webcam i purchaces, from Morgan, i emailed them to see if this would work, with Vista, and was told IT WOULD, but it would not.
So i emailed Trust, they said they did not intend to produce a driver as this model is not to be continued.

Martin P.

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