Vista Drivers

  Pine Man 15:09 02 Feb 2007

I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my new base unit complete with Vista Premium.

Most of the hardware will be new and come with it's own Vista drivers but I will be re-using some older hardware.

I have found most of the Vista drivers but I am short of two at the moment. I have a Speedtouch 330 modem but they have not yet developed a Vista driver nor have HP for my vs19e flat panel monitor.

Will generic drivers come with Vista to operate these two or will I be blind and broadbandless?

  pk46 16:18 02 Feb 2007

It's potluck with Vista at the moment i have two dead Lexmark printers because Lexmark didn't bother to create drivers for them,so you might have to purchase a new modem.

  Pine Man 18:23 02 Feb 2007

Thanks for your response, I'll leave the thread open for a while to see if anyone has come across my specific problem areas.

  Kate B 19:22 02 Feb 2007

Have you tried emailing the manufacturers? I'm in email conversation with Nvidia at the moment about chipset and raid drivers.

  Pine Man 19:32 02 Feb 2007

I tried both manufacturers web sites and neither have yet developed specific Vista drivers.

Certainly as far as the Thomson Speedtouch 330 modem goes I think that this is the model that most of the BB ISP's issued free a couple of years ago and I can't believe that it won't work on Vista as there must millions out there.

I know with W98 and XP a lot of generic drivers were provided in the program software for various items of hardware and I wondered if any of the new Vista users had come across them yet.

It's early days yet so I'll leave the thread open.

  Kate B 19:37 02 Feb 2007

As I suggested earlier, try emailing the manufacturers and asking them. They are far more likely than any of us to know what's happening with drivers than anyone here.

Meantime, have you got those two bits of hardware attached to your current computer? If so, run the Vista upgrade advisor and see if it reports any problems. If it says they're fine, there's a good chance that Vista has drivers for them.

  AllZwell 19:40 02 Feb 2007

330 modem works on my Vista. Also 7.1 cats good on my X850 GFX card. No Decent drivers for the Geforce 8700GTX yet though.

It's early stages, things will develop.

  AllZwell 19:42 02 Feb 2007

8800GTX that should have been. ATI have the advantage here though with there 7.1 Vista-ready drivers, even if there DX10 cards are a generation behind

  Kate B 19:49 02 Feb 2007

Yes, I've seen a lot of grumbling on various forums about the iffy drivers for the 8800. Mind you, at least you have Vista drivers for it. There are only beta drivers for my Nforce 4 mobo and Raid controller *grump*

  Pine Man 20:10 02 Feb 2007


Thanks for that.

Did you use XP drivers for the modem or find one on Vista?

Kate B

I tried the upgrade advisor but it 'encountered a problem' and wouldn't work! I have tried emailing the manufacturers but so far a deafening silence.

  pk46 16:10 03 Feb 2007

STILL NO DRIVERS for the Lexmark Z55 ABOUT TIME they got there fingers out.

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