Vista Display and Internet Connection Problems

  Redviper 15:05 21 Oct 2010

Siemens Laptop Vista Home Premium. Fully updated, malware free

Hi all I have a few issues with my Laptop that I can only assume is down to updates, I cant re-install Vista because I only have “recovery” discs, which are about as much use as a chocolate fireguard, - why we have to have these when we buy a computer and not a actual copy of the OS we are using is beyond me.

Anyway the issues.

1. on startup I have Vista boot into login and password screen, which when you click on the icon for your name, after a couple of seconds the screen goes blank, you then have to press Function and the icon for external monitor to get it back again or if you can do it blind it will come back when the OS loads up.
This started after I updated the drivers for the display via the manufacturers website, which was a EXE installation which removed the drivers 1st then you had to run the exe file that installed the new drivers. So you cant roll the drivers back and I don’t have restore points back up. I wish I hadn’t now because it hasn’t really improved anything just made things worse.

2. My Internet connection icon via wireless shows two monitors with a red cross and will sit like this for about 10 min before connecting to the wireless.
Applications like msn messenger will not auto connect, and IE and other OS windows such as my computer will not load until the connection status is showing as connected.
However Firefox will load and browse the internet perfectly fine.
I have tried disabling firewalls etc, I thought it might be the router but I have 2 XP Systems (one desktop and laptop) that connect perfectly fine.

I have thought my only option is to install Vista again but as I don’t have a proper OS disc I’m loathed to buy another.

Any suggestions help, greatly appreciated – sorry for the long winded message


  Redviper 23:31 22 Oct 2010

Thanks for your reply, please see answers below

Do you use built-in wifi or an adapter - USB or PCMCIA?
Via the built in wireless in the laptop

Is your wifi management software provided by a third party or do you use Windows' built-in wifi management software?
Windows management

What happens when you try to open IE early? Does the program refuse to load at all,
or just show a blank page?
Yes it will not load, you just get the spinning blue circle thing, and then as soon as the wireless connection shows “connected” IE will load up
However Firefox will load up and browse the internet fine

Any error messages?
No error messages

Does the situation improve if you disable wifi and connect with a cable?
I have yet to do this test, as I thought I had a cable but will get one ASAP and report back – my laptop model is FUJITSU SIEMENS ESPRIMO Mobile V5515 V1.07

  Redviper 12:13 23 Oct 2010

I have resolved my display problem by re installing older graphic drivers from the Fujitsu website - however I still have a issue with the connection status problem.

i have tried connecting via wired connection however it is still the the same issue

can you advise further, many thanks

  Redviper 12:53 23 Oct 2010

I think i have resolved my connection problem.

i have done 2 restarts (one wired, and one wireless) and these are from complete power offs.

The connection status now shows as connected within 30seconds to one minute compared to the two to three minutes it took before along with a lot of hard drive reading/writing

I had a look through the services tab in msconfig, and came accross a lot of "Roxio" entrys from my Blackberry desktop software instaltion, previous experience of "Roxio" from sonic solotions brought with it trouble so i disabled the lot, amongst other unnessercary junk from the list

I shall keep a eye on it, im prepared for it to return back to how it was next time, but for know thanks for your help

  Redviper 22:01 26 Oct 2010

Yes ill keep a eye out for Roxio software in he future and remove it - many thanks for your help

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