Vista directing me to install a new intel driver

  lisa02 21:15 14 Feb 2008
Locked thinks that this is a fixed network driver in prep for sp1 coming to a modem near you.

The only other one is Nvidia apparently there was issues with them and sp1 implementation.

  anskyber 21:19 14 Feb 2008

It could be.

Do you have a KB number for both installs?

  lisa02 21:33 14 Feb 2008

It was from Intel's site...

Vista Reports & Solutions popped up on my system tray and pointed me to this click here

nothing for nvidia yet it seems.

  anskyber 21:46 14 Feb 2008


Does my memory serve me right and you have a Dell?

I note there is a caution to check the (Dell) site in case they have altered it in any way.

I was an "early adopter" of Vista, in fact I had it installed as an XP upgrade some 6 days after it was released last year.

I have decided, in spite of my keenness to get SP1, to wait for the normal update process to offer it to me.

My reasons,

1. I do not really know if I have a non compliant driver. Yes I could image the drive using Acronis and revert back if it resembles a pear, but see 2.

2. Unlike the move from XP to Vista where the changes were obvious and worth having, I currently have a very stable system with Vista and the SP1 offers no new features but rather just improved performance. I can wait for the improved performance for a few more weeks.

  lisa02 21:58 14 Feb 2008

I have all the updates from Dell inc. new bios revision.

  Ashrich 22:45 14 Feb 2008

I think the fact that it has been written for Windows Server 2008 gives the game away a bit , released 4th Feb 2008 , his is a very fresh build . You can always download it and have it ready in case you need it , it has been pointed out to you , probably , because you have opted to have all updates , OS and hardware , for notification or downloading .


  crosstrainer 08:44 15 Feb 2008

Check with Dell, as the link suggests, it may not be compatinle with your system.

  lisa02 15:00 16 Feb 2008

I have been downloading loads - game demos, playing games and basically giving the PC a hard time with video encoding and it's been fine with that installed now for 2 days. Up time in the past 2 days has been 30 odd hours.

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