Vista Crashing using Media Player

  EARLR 13:37 22 Dec 2008

My laptop crashes when I use MP 10 to watch a video file.
Has anyone else had this problem?

I Have resorted to using VLC player and no more crashes.


  skidzy 21:12 22 Dec 2008

Update to MP11 click here

Im actually surprised you have 10 installed and it works !!

  EARLR 06:57 23 Dec 2008


Laptop came with MP 10.

Will try MP 11.

  EARLR 07:28 23 Dec 2008

Tried to install MP 11.
Installer say's I already have MP 11.

Thought I had 10. How do I find out What it is ?

  anskyber 08:24 23 Dec 2008

Right click on the toolbar select Help then About media player. It will tell you the exact version you have.

  EARLR 13:30 23 Dec 2008

I do have MP11

but It still crashes comp. durring use.

Any Ideas ?


  anskyber 17:31 23 Dec 2008

Not off hand. Does this apply to you? click here

  EARLR 18:07 23 Dec 2008

My problem is when I am playing Video Files It works fine for a while then screen goes blank and keyboard stops working. The only thing I can do is restart using power button. Then it comes up to "recovery screen" then I "start normaly.

I havent been playing music.

  skidzy 19:27 23 Dec 2008

A shot in the dark;

You may have a missing or damaged video codec,try installing the codec pack click here

Or you may have a power issue especially if you have a screensaver active.
This link is a small godsend for some and helped me in the past to understand the power settings. click here

  EARLR 17:23 29 Dec 2008

not fixed.
This problem is all over the internet.
M/S must be no longer interested in fixing vista problems.
They just want to sell windows 7
Making vista a dead O/S.

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