Is this a vista crash?

  sandook 05:43 06 May 2008

My computer is 6 months old. Its a HP pavillion laptop with Intel duo core and Windows XP. It just froze completly last night. So much so that to power it off I had to disconnect the battery and in my haste I did that several times. Its not going beyond boot. It says that windows failed to start. I ran system start repair and it ran for 10 hours last night and 10 hours again today and it has just started a third round. It didnt come with an XP installation CD and I dont have a recovery disk. I have a lot of programs installed and lots of pictures but I didnot download any new drivers or programs recently. I have no idea why this has happened. Whats going to happen after system start repair? (If it ever stops repeating) Am I going to loose everything? Whats my best bet? Please help!

  mgmcc 07:50 06 May 2008

Try this:

Immediately after powering on, tap the "F8" key to bring up the Boot Menu. Select the option to boot with "The Last Known Good Configuration". Hopefully you're having run the System Repair hasn't destroyed the existing data.

<<< So much so that to power it off I had to disconnect the battery >>>

In future, press and hold in the power button for about five seconds, which should force any computer to shut down.

  Ashrich 22:22 06 May 2008

If the system repair is in a continuing loop , but restarts at various parts of the repair , you may well have had a memory failure , this is a common symptom of a stick going belly up . If you have 2 stick in the laptop try taking one out and trying again , if no joy replace the first one and take out the other , it may just help solve the problem .


  sandook 23:15 06 May 2008

To mgmcc
Thank you for responding. I tried your suggestion but it didnt work. It just took me straight to system start repair after I selected the "the last known good configuration." Its been over 16 hours since system start repair has started its third cycle. I am beginning to loose hope in restoration of my files.

  sandook 23:19 06 May 2008

To Ashrich
Thank you for responding. I unscrewed the back of the laptop case where I thought the sticks would be. Pardon my ignorance but it looked like two circuit plates over lapping each other. I didn't know where to begin or how to take them out so I screwed it back on. I made such a blunder in my post saying it was XP. Its actually vista.

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