Vista and CPU Usage

  lulubelle 19:01 31 Dec 2007

Hi All,
My new Toshiba laptop with Vista Premium is using an awful lot of processing power. I can be sitting here doing nothing but gazing at my browser when I hear the fan whirring and the CPU usage shoot up, sometimes to 100%!
I have a dual core Intel processor (T2310),and whilst I know that it is not the best there is, I didn't think that it would be struggling so much. When I look in the task manager, there is no other applications running that would account for this high usage.
Is this a quirk of Vista? I have only ever had XP before, so I wouldn't know.
Thanks for any help.
ps after the first half hour or so from booting up the laptop usually settles down.

  anskyber 19:51 31 Dec 2007

Sounds like you must have a lot of start up programs which are consuming your CPU. Many new machines come with all sorts of rubbish loaded by the maufacturer some of which phones home or runs in the background unrequired.

Start by going through the programs and get rid of ones you do not need and stop those you do not need at start up. You can always start them when you need them.

If you run the sidebar use this to keep an eye on what is here

  lulubelle 18:48 01 Jan 2008

Thanks for your help anskyber,
I will follow your suggestion.
I aready have that little CPU Meter, that is what alerted me in the first place.
Thanks again.

  skidzy 19:58 01 Jan 2008

just adding to anskyber post:

One of the things Vista Premnium does when new;

Superfetch is learning the user habits and will be working for several minutes upon boot up.
To reduce the cpu usage,disable this...(its not important).

Start and type


and enter

Scroll through to Superfetch and disable this and ok.Reboot the system and check Task Manager again.

Also while in task manager,what is hogging the cpu,post the exact details as listed.

A word of caution when using MSCONFIG with a laptop,do not untick your scrolling pad or antivirus or any realtime spyware scanner.
Though you could try unticking any realtime scanner to see if this is the problem.

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