Vista Constantly....

  Bioshox 13:18 02 Aug 2007

Freezing And Programs Not responding, Most of my Games Do This, Opera Dose It, And So Dose InternetExploror, Hopefull it will Be fixed in SP1, But is there anything i need to do to stop this from hapening.

  [email protected] 13:23 02 Aug 2007

my internet explorer has randomly 'stopped working and is restarting' twice this morning, i thought the program not responding was fixed on mine with adding more ram but happened again yesterday. i have no idea whats causing these problems on mine it was working well intil i anytime upgraded to ultimate. and now i have all my old problems back again. something needs work and a lot of it!
has yours always been like this? or is it due to you changing something?

  Pine Man 13:26 02 Aug 2007

I don't know what is wrong with your PC but if you are having problems with, for example, internet explorer & freezing, this is not the normal behaviour of Vista and will not be fixed in SP1.

You must have a problem with your set up, which cannot be diagnosed until you give far more info about your set up.

  Bioshox 14:15 02 Aug 2007

Its Pre-Insatlled Vista And There is nothing wrong with my set-up, I'm wondering if it is due to me running lots of programs at onece or if one of my Security Protectors is working, I'll Investigate

  superhoops 14:54 02 Aug 2007

Roughly 4/5 times a day and at random I get the " Windows Explorer Not Responding and is Restarting" message. Never got it in XP

  Bioshox 16:19 02 Aug 2007

Yep i too get that

  Pine Man 16:58 02 Aug 2007

Nothing wrong with your setup - but if you run multiple programs it plays up. This suggests that at the least your set up has insufficient RAM. If we knew what your set up was we might be able to advise further.

Vista is not designed to cause IE not to respond 4/5 times a day. If it is it suggests that something is wrong with the set up.

I have a friend who has a brand new PC loaded with Vista and it took forever to load. Mine is basically the same PC and it took 45 seconds to load. He had a problem with the set up. It is now cured.

Do you actually want help?

  skidzy 18:03 02 Aug 2007

I would have to agree here with pineman.
I think its something on the pc.

We need more info and hopefully we maybe able to eliminate a few things.

If IE7 keeps crashing,try a reinstall.

Look in MSCONFIG and reduce the startup programs.

What does task manager say ?

Have you ran your antispyware apps in safemode ?

Disable Defender briefly ?

There are lots of things we can try aside from hardware.

Is the Vista HP ?

Do you have the Aero feature enabled ?

How much Ram installed ?

  [email protected] 22:31 02 Aug 2007

how many are you running? and if they are 3d applications it doesnt like it at all. i cant have world of warcraft on with anyother game and it slows down with ie7 running at the same time, thats with a 6000 64x2 4 gb 667mz ram and a 320 8800 gts. normal apps seem fine anything 3d and it really really struggles.

  skidzy 22:52 02 Aug 2007

Games i can understand causing issues,but for a browser to crash and run of the mill programs to freeze...well i stand by its the configuration of the computer/maybe hardware or just a piece of software causing the issues....maybe even drivers.
Not to mention any possible Malware/Spyware etc...

I know you have had an ongoing battle with Vista and games,but this thread is not just about games.

  Bioshox 08:16 03 Aug 2007

Intel Dual Core 1Gb RAM

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