Vista constant crashes. reflash required?

  QinesiQ 01:59 08 Nov 2007

I've been trying to sort my partners self build pc. he opted for an oem version of vista home premium (had xp but bought the upgrade pack etc). in short pc seemed to run usual tasks with no problems. now that vista is installed i don't know if it'll get to the end ofthis sentence without randomly shutting down/restarting or displaying bsod. os appears v unstable. programs stop responding etc.

tried the usual virus check, application conflict, reinstalling from scratch memory test etc and nothing jumps out. I wanted to perform a reflash of the bios but chicken out in case i killed it completely.

i feel it might be the solution to problems but manufacturer web page not particularly helpful in this regard (ie do i or dont i?)

its a gygabyte mobo ga-k8nxp-sli
should i reflash? will it help?


  skidzy 19:26 08 Nov 2007

" should i reflash? will it help? "

Reflash the bios ! have you already flashed the bios then ?

Personally NO,do not flash the bios....i doubt very much this is your problem.

Sounds like possible driver problems or even overheating.

Any error messages ?

Before upgrading to Vista,you did check the hardware was compatible as you would need Vista drivers.

  youtruth 20:29 08 Nov 2007

QinesiQ, I found this and it may interest you -

The problem you are having is not the motherboard nor is it the memory. Its the CPU, I have the same problem after upgrading my memory on my board to 4 x 512 sticks, I spoke to gigabyte and they told me the same thing, then I went to AMD and they said any CPU with a stepping of E3 or earlier has an issue with the on-board memory controller and is unable to run 4 x DDR400 sticks, you need to drop the Memory to DDR333 to get over the problems and then if you are going to start overclocking then you will need to drop the memory down another step.

AMD have recently rectified the problem and the new Venice cores are E6, the dual cores are E6 not to sure about the San Diego and the opterons are E4 stepping, unfortunatly it looks like you have got the end one of an old batch an E3, I have a new CPU on the way to rectify my problem as well.


  QinesiQ 00:11 09 Nov 2007

Hi Skidzy No I haven't yet and have been hesitant to do so. i though it might be the solution after reading kateb's thread a short while ago.
I did a complete reinstall of vista because partner was complaining of crashes after he installed. system was fine and stable and pleasure to use. all of a sudden yesterday it became very 'unstable' with "[program] has stopped working" messages. there was a 'looping' "widows explorer has stopped working" message going back and forth between "windows is checking for a solution". I've had a [cannot remember name] client stop working message at least twice. at the time i googled this message and its apparently a 'known'/common (?) vista error message and i think the solution was an update.

I have removed (quite a lot of) rubbish off the hdd (media files) to free up some space (i knew i had to do this but i forgot (being a bit slow and in slight panic yesterday) and it was quite full - big doh). i have searched for various updates to make sure everything is up-to-date and downloaded and installed several optional (+1 important -windows defender) updates. i also ran virus check, disk clean up, scan disk, still defraging at present. seems to be fine and stable again. I get the feeling it was my fault clogging up the hdd with episodes of farscape - oopse. thank you so much for coming to the rescue. i appreciate your assistance.

youtruth thank you very much for your post. it is very interesting. if the problems resurface I will certainly look into this further. but so far things have been fine once again.

my apologies for my panic. btw i did find a useful tool from gigabyte @bios for helping with a bios update. i ran it just to see if there was an update and there was but i did not proceed further.

I am very undecided as to whether i *should* (ie if i am meant to if there is an update available) update the bios as at the moment its working fine and if it aint broke...
before I tick resolved when should one update ones bios?

Thank you very much once again for your help.

  skidzy 14:37 09 Nov 2007

Bios updates are very rarely needed.
Depending on hardware upgrades may determine if a bios update is needed..but doubtful.

Flashing the bios can at times render the machine useless,therefore needing a new bios chip.

Personally i would not worry about it.

For a piece of mind,run the upgrade advisor.Leave all hardware devices connected when running this click here

  QinesiQ 21:38 11 Nov 2007

Thank you very much for your reply.

I'm sorry for my slow response. my other half has been on the computer all w/e writing an important report (hence why i panicked when it suddenly went 'bzerk'). 'puter has been running very smoothly and no probs whatsoever.

I will heed your advice and not worry about it further.
Thank you for the link and once again I appreciate your help.

  fpg 15:52 06 Dec 2007

Many of us are experiencing Blue Screen crashes with Vista. The next steps are to check updates for software and hardware and run AV and anti scam programs. All good steps but..
It has not solved my problems with a new Intel Quad Core Vista PC and a NVidia 8800 card bought to run Photoshop and Premiere. Between them they just CRASH.
So the message above is a full restore of VISTA - this I will now try.

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