Vista connecting to net

  Malapoa1 19:05 14 Apr 2008

When a start up my Vista PC I find that it does not connect to the web. If I restart the computer it does!
Is this a PC problem, a Vista problem or a Contention problem? I live in a village one and a half miles from the local exchange but beyond an area of modern housing with 400+ houses.
Ideas please.

  anskyber 19:16 14 Apr 2008

How are you connecting to the web? Is it via a modem router which you turn on at the same time as the PC?

  Malapoa1 20:19 14 Apr 2008

Connecting via a modem router which has its own power source and is switched on when I switch on the power to the PC. Both are fed from the same surge protected source. I switch on the power then the PC but I switch on the PC immediately after I have switched on the power. Should I wait for the modem to "do its own thing" before switching on the PC?

  anskyber 21:33 14 Apr 2008

I am sure that is your problem.

Your PC is booting before the modem has synced with your line and found the internet connection. Usually there are lights on the modem showing sync then internet access.

I wait for the lights to appear before I switch on my PC.

  anskyber 21:34 14 Apr 2008

PS if it is difficult to see the lights give it about 60-90 secs after modem on to PC on and you should be OK

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