Is Vista clear leader now over XP

  manrow 12:08 14 Nov 2007

I have deliberately held off installing Vista as expensive and possibly unnecessary up to now especially as I have lots of old sortware which might not function.

Have we now proof that Vista is worthwhile, when I foolishly claim that I have enjoyed XP for nearly 4 years I think without a single PC crash!

Inviting it now I know!!

  [email protected] 13:16 14 Nov 2007

i think it's a personal choice thing, it's stable, it looks nicer than xp, i went back to xp simply because of the resources it uses and any program it didnt like it slowly dismantled, games installers, graphics tweeks etc. if they were microsoft games such as halo they worked fine, they did however crowbar a lot of crap i didnt want on my pc such as 'punkbuster' etc without my permission which i class (and so do my av) as spyware. i dont think it will ever be a gamers choice, that may change when the 8900 cards come out and if you have the cash to buy 1/2/4 or whatever is needed to support the next dx.
some like it some don't, i don't think there is anything very wrong with it, i just don't like it personally, so i will hang out (if im allowed) for the next o/s, which i believe will be a lot leaner. i found if vista doesnt get it's own way it changed things to get it's own way, slowly but surely! xp gives a lot more control of my pc which i paid for back to the administrator and only user, me!

  anskyber 13:37 14 Nov 2007

When I upgraded I looked critically at older programs and decided whether I needed them or whether I could get a Vista compliant version.

Vista has been excellent for me and XP seems very clunky by comparison.

If you are wed to your older programs which you know have been tried and failed in Vista then perhaps you should stay where you are.

  DieSse 01:09 15 Nov 2007

Anyone who has been using XP successfully for several years, and has no issues with using it, would be taking a totally unnecessary step in changing to vista. This is even more true of your PC is several years old.

XP doesn't "wear out" like a car. To change OS that's running well, and spend (quite a lot) on an OS that on the same system with the same programs and hardware is an unknown quantity, is not only pointless, but risking problems you don't need to risk.

Vista on a new system is a different matter - but the few people I know who've bought systems with vista on recently give me mixed feedback - some good - some OKish - some utterly hopeless.

  J B 14:59 15 Nov 2007

At the risk of beating the drum about Vista, I happen to like it a lot. I have no compatibility problems with the programs that I run, but having said that I am not a gamer. I like messing around with photography and I was a little lucky to get a copy of Photoshop Elements 5 that was Vista compatible so no problems there.

anskyber makes a valid point in what he says about "older programs" in that it is you have to decide can I get along without them. If you find that you can't don't switch. It is strictly up to you. J.B.

  manrow 15:23 15 Nov 2007

There have been some good responses on here and I appreciate the opinions of users.

My concern about the software compability is that being retired I do not have the money to spend on even the latest Office programs for the amount of use they would get.

Hence I guess the real question I was posing is:-

Is VISTA so much better than XP that I should consider the expense of changing when for the time being my hardware achieves all I need?

  anskyber 15:53 15 Nov 2007

It is very good and I think the gem is the Control Panel which gives access to everything now. Vista is more secure, but if you are safe with your surfing it may not matter.

Have a look here about compatible programs click here

Otherwise which are your "drop dead" programs which you cannot do without? There may be some free ones to replace them and Vista does come with things like DVD burning.

On the whole you may be better sticking with XP.

  DieSse 16:27 15 Nov 2007

Is VISTA so much better than XP that I should consider the expense of changing when for the time being my hardware achieves all I need?

No it isn't.

  manrow 17:02 15 Nov 2007

Just to answer some of the questions posed I don't do gaming at all. I do have a passion for running all my old cine films and slides across to digital images using Pinnacle board and software

  sinbads 17:44 15 Nov 2007

Hence I guess the real question I was posing is:-

Is VISTA so much better than XP that I should consider the expense of changing when for the time being my hardware achieves all I need?

Think you have answered your own question unless you are buying a new pc with vista installed. Then upgrading "can be a nightmare" and no gaurantee your old software will work.

your choice

  Totally-braindead 18:01 15 Nov 2007

Personally I think the answers no. I tried Vista and had a couple of problems I couldn't resolve so went back to XP until there are solutions.
I wasn't all that impressed by the visuals which some seem to think really give the WOW factor Microsoft were going on about. I looked at it an sort of went oh thats it is it, no WOW for me I'm afraid.
My XP is stable has no problems and does everything I want it to do so for me theres no reason to change at this time.

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