Vista came from HELL!!!

  dj-shayne-2k7 08:19 15 Oct 2007

I have a Canon PIXMA MP180 Printer and is not compatible with vista. The only way that you can get the driver is to go on the website and download it. I have done that thousands of times and doesnt work. I think im doing something wrong. I dont really knoe what to do. What happens is that you download the drivers onto a folder. When you have downloaded them all you have to unzip them. i do that and there is something missing that i havent done! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!


  anskyber 08:33 15 Oct 2007

Try unplugging the printer, install the new drivers, then reconnect the printer.

  dj-shayne-2k7 08:37 15 Oct 2007

Thanks for your help but i have already tryed it.


the only way i got my canon to work was only the last thing i tried and the simplest, i guess you may have tried this but this was the only way that worked for me.
turn off pc, connect to usb *leave power to printer off* turn on pc, when everything's settled down and the hard drive thrashing has slowed, turn on the printer and let vista sort it.
this worked for many items of hardware i had on my vista pc, if you install drivers yourself there are usually directions on the website (clean boot/ safe mode etc)

  dj-shayne-2k7 11:31 15 Oct 2007

and did u not have the drivers installed when you done that. and was it compatible with vista?

no the disc wouldnt work, so just did the above.

  Pine Man 13:53 15 Oct 2007

'When you have downloaded them all you have to unzip them. i do that and there is something missing that i havent done!'

Please don't be offended but you do realise that once you have unzipped the file you then have to install it. It isn't done as part of the unzipping process.

  ventanas 16:34 15 Oct 2007

Well, my three Canon printers all worked first time after installing the downloaded driver updates. dj-shayne-2k7 are you sure you are actually installing the files after unzipping. From what you say in your opening post you only seem to be unzipping them, as Pine Man has picked up on.

Se if there is a file named Setup, but don't just double-click on it. Right click and choose Run as administrator. Then follow the instructions.

  Forum Editor 18:10 15 Oct 2007


a) You had to obtain an updated driver

b) You can't install it.

When you unzip the downloaded driver files you should see a 'setup' icon. Click on that, and let the driver install itself. Unplug your printer before you do this, then Shut down your computer, plug in the printer, and turn on the computer.

Vista will do the rest.

  Forum Editor 18:11 15 Oct 2007

Sorry, I just noticed that you had already said the same thing.

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