Vista booting a night mare.

  Dobba 18:24 28 Nov 2007

I'm using Vista Home Premium on a top-spec Mesh machine. However, booting is a real trial with everything seizing up, meaning I have to press the "Reset" button, sometimes on up to four occasions. The seizing up occurs at difference stages in the booting up and is driving me crazy. It often takes me five or six minutes just to get Vista to boot. Once it has booted, it works well.
Similarly, when I log off at night, if I use "Sleep" it can sometimes be near impossible to get it to wake up! Often, I have to resort to the "Reset" button again. Lord knows that this is doing to my computer.
I have heard that Vista can be difficult but that things are likely to improve with the first Service Pack.
Anybody had any similar problems?

  Pine Man 19:19 28 Nov 2007

Sleep IS a problem with Vista that is meant to be resolved with SP1. The best advice at the moment is to turn it off.

As far as booting problems go I don't think you can pin this one on Vista something must be wrong with the installation or your set up. I have heard of many things being blamed on Vista but not that.

As a matter of interest I have a fairly high spec Mesh machine and Vista boots up within about 40 seconds.

  anskyber 19:29 28 Nov 2007

I agree with Pine Man, it looks like something other than Vista for it to be so severe. Is it quite new, if so Mesh is your answer.

  Cyrus_d_Virus 23:16 29 Nov 2007

hi! just wanna know how much is your RAM capacity? because if it is only 1gb and you have so much heavy duty software on your machine then it will really take so much time in booting, try to upgrade your memory to at least to 2gb and you will see the big difference :)

  Dobba 12:43 30 Nov 2007

I've got 2 GB of Ram, so that should be no problem. Thanks for the advice about Sleep mode - I'll wait for the Service Pack and see if that improves things. AS for the booting up, that's still as bad as ever, possibly getting worse.All Mesh want to do is to format and re-install. I've tried that twice and it doesn't improve things si I'm just going to put up with it until/unless it packs in altogether and then I'll have no option but to reinstall. Haven't checked but is there a "Repair" proceedure under Vista Home Premium that will reload the programme without formatting the hard disk?
Thanks for all you adviced.

  Probabilitydrive 14:46 30 Nov 2007

Having already twice reformatted and reinstalled Vista, it will not make a difference waiting until 'it packs in altogether'. A clean installation goes through it sequence regardless whether you have waited or not. Incidentally, nor does the repair option.

Run it again by Mesh and explain that the advice given did not rectify your problem. Its likely they need sending out an engineer to check your system.

  BurrWalnut 15:35 30 Nov 2007

If you have a Vista DVD, try running a Vista startup repair click here

vista does take ages to load, however you should get the desktop in less than a minute with 2 gb of ram, the set up then continues for a while. first i would contact mesh, i would run sfc /scannow in the meantime as it will do no harm.
start> all programs> accessories> right click command prompt> run as admin> type 'sfc /scannow'> enter.
takes about 2 minutes to check and reset windows secure files.

  fishface113 22:35 30 Nov 2007

Just a quick trick but disconnect every single bit of hardware except the monitor. I know you will have to physically switch it off after you are done but it will rule out hardware faults before you keep installing windows every five minutes.

I have an extremely Powerful PC and have never had speed issues regarding Vista boot up(20 seconds or so). In fact the bootup is one of the more stable areas of Vista for me.

I did however have a core 2 duo E6600 that absolutely refused to boot with an external hard drive powered up until I disabled USB boot support. It never gave any errors or warnings - it just wouldnt boot up, so do be certain of hardware issues with Vista because they are common and sometimes a pig to fix.

I agree with Pine Man - just dont bother with sleep cos its crap on Vista.

  Dobba 15:51 01 Dec 2007

Thanks fishface113. I also have a core 2 due E6700 and I also have an external hard drive. How do you disable USB boot support?
Thanks also Adman. I ran scannow and it said that Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details included in the CBS.log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log
When I try to find this i get "Access Denied".
Any clues?

  fishface113 16:14 01 Dec 2007

There are some postings on this site explaining it in detail, but quite simply go to the BIOS and disble booting from anything but your primary hard disk and you cd drive. This should remove this issue.

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