Vista Basic and Premium

  Mabinogion 01:44 25 Nov 2007

We have just bought our Grandson one of these
click here and having a laptop of my own and on XP I wanted him to have his own and not have to use mine all the time but on checking afterwards didn't really know there was a Vista Basic and a Premium so is there much difference do you think? I have looked at the Windows Vista homepage and read all the stuff but would rather someone else's comments on it to be honest, my Grandson is 13 and into music and teenage stuff like that so would this pc and Vista Basic be suitable do you think? and one more thing could you tell me what you think would have been the best performance out of the link above and this one please
click here
the first link had a small package of a bag, mouse, memory stick and one yrs Norten but not sure if I have bought him the right laptop.

  celticdragon 02:51 25 Nov 2007

Personally I would pay a little extra for Vista home premium or if cost is a problem I would try and get one with XP on it. XP is a lot less resource hungry. Vista home premium works at its best with 2gb of RAM.
I believe Vista basic is ok but your not even getting the new windows "Aero glass" on that, which is what makes it look good at least.

  anskyber 08:13 25 Nov 2007

Not a lot to choose between them in truth. Both should do what you want them to.

Vista basic will work fine although as celticdragon has said premium will give some more features and visual effects but at extra cost.

You grandson will be chuffed to bits with your choice it will give him all that he will want for a long time. Other friends and family can get him storage media like DVDsand CDs to save his music on!

  golfpro 10:13 25 Nov 2007

The Acer is a great lap top I have the Travel Mate.
Mine has Vista HP installed, but I found I was turning off most of the Premium extras particularly the Aero Glass effect as it doesnt half use up Battery power.
You can upgrade the Ram to 2Gb quite easily in the future if it gets a little bit slow.
One tip, get your son a Vista Book for Christmas. The one I have is very good "Windows Vista for Dummies" by Andy Rathbone, Its a great fun read as all Dummies books are, and it will help him a lot.

  Totally-braindead 12:23 25 Nov 2007

I've recently seen a laptop with a Celeron processor on it and 1 gig of RAM running Vista Basic, and in my opinion its far too slow. I would imagine that with Vista Premium it would virtually stop.
If its Vista you really need 2 gig of memory so that you have more than 1 gig clear and free. Onboard graphics uses part of the memory so if you have 1 gig of memory you might end up with 768mb and thats too low for Vista.
To be honest with you if its a budget laptop you are looking at and thats what these are you would be better with XP. It would run a lot faster.
If I was going to get a laptop with Vista then I would be looking to spend a bit more and getting one with a dual core processor and 2 gig of RAM.
Theres been a few people recently who have bought cheap laptops with Vista and are trying to downgrade to XP as they are finding it too slow. This can be problematical at best.
I would try to see the laptop working in the likes of PC World and see if you think its acceptable before purchase.
Its a lot of money to spend and to find you are not happy with it.

  ForestChav 19:14 25 Nov 2007

To be honest I think both laptops are under-specced, really you need dual core with 2gig Ram.

  anskyber 19:22 25 Nov 2007

Not sure I can agree with you there. Look at the system specs for basic and the Acer meets it just fine even with shared graphics memory. click here

I cannot agree that the older XP is good advice for a machine like that, I realise you were not happy with vista but looking at the bigger picture Vista is very stable and the Acer will work well.

I do agree that for Premium the minimum RAM should be 1 gig + graphics RAM, but then that is what Microsoft recommend.

  anskyber 19:23 25 Nov 2007

Frankly for a Vista basic machine such overspecing is ill advised, unless of course you are thinking of Vista premium.

  Ronnie268 21:20 25 Nov 2007

I have seen Home Premium run well on 1GB RAM with the same processor and RAM, so HB should be fine.

Also, I have a vista laptop. I would like to make it so when power lead is in, all special effects go on, and when it is on battery power, all effects go off.
How can I do this??

  Totally-braindead 13:29 26 Nov 2007

anskyber in my opinion the Vista requirements from Microsoft are at best optimistic, it will run at the spec they say so its not lying but based on the 4 Vista PCs I have seen so far, 2 desktops and 2 laptops, it will run but not all that well on a laptop with a poor processor and little memory.
Vista Basic is on both laptops and I for one found them too slow.

Its my opinion anskyber and I appreciate what you say, perhaps some laptops run perfectly with a celeron and a small amount of Ram with Vista Basic, all I can say is the two I have seen did not.

I've nothing against Vista personally, yes I had to revert to XP but the majority of people that have Vista on a brand new PC seem to have little or no trouble. It is stable and many are happy with it, its just that personally, based on the low spec laptops I have seen I think even Basic is slow. Get a reasonable spec laptop and I would expect it to fly along.

  Totally-braindead 13:32 26 Nov 2007

I appologise Mabinogion I have only just realised you have already bought it and were not seeking advice on a future purchase.
I would add more memory from Crucial.

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