Vista 64 - Hanging on Shutdown Screen

  RJack 15:16 23 Jun 2009


I've recently taken delivery of a pc which seems to have a problem shutting down properly. This fault seems to be intermittent but happens more often if i have been playing games or using the pc for longer periods.

When i select Shutdown the screen comes up Shutting down then hangs on that screen. When i go back a couple hours later its selling reading shutting down.

I am making sure every application is closed before i chose shutdown but can't seem to work out whats causing the problem

PC Specs:

AMD Phenom x4 955 Black Edition
Asus Mobo 790GX
8gb 800mhz Ram
HD Radeon 4890 Gfx Card
Windows Vista X64 (OEM)Edition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


  BurrWalnut 15:30 23 Jun 2009

1. To check if a particular program is slowing the machine when you shut down, e.g. an antivirus program, go to Control Panel > Classic View > Performance Information and Tools > Advanced Tools (in the left pane). On this screen the problem is sometimes shown.

2. If it isn’t shown, click the Windows Orb (Start) > All Programs > Accessories, right-click Command Prompt then ‘Run as Administrator’. Copy & Paste or type wevtutil qe Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-Performance/Operational /f:text > %userprofile%\Desktop\Event.txt (note the five spaces) and press Enter. If you Copy & Paste the command, use mouse right-click to Paste it into the prompt.

Close the command prompt and double-click Event.txt on the Desktop to open it. Go to the end of the file (Ctrl+End) to see the most recent events. Those with an Event ID in the 200 series are shut down events.

  RJack 15:50 23 Jun 2009

Wow that was fast response thanks for the update i will try that later on.

I've got a horrid feeling Bullguard might be the root cause of the problem. I have this as a 3 month trial but it seems to block everything.

When i install a game i have to right click on the shortcut and select run as administrator.

I'm pretty new to Vista but i'm sure account name is set as admin.

  Teaboy 17:14 23 Jun 2009


This is your lucky day! I had the identical prob.
when I received my vista 64bits machine earlier this year from Mr Mesh. It too came with Bulldog installed on a three month trial.

I deleted Bulldog, and downloaded AGV.

Problem solved! My machine flies, and shuts down quickly, like a good'un.

  RJack 11:07 24 Jun 2009

Thanks all for the advice.

I decided to uninstall Bullguard & Install AVG the computer shuts down without hanging now.

Just one other question as i never noticed it with Windows XP. Does Vista constantly access your hard drive. I particularly notice this the most when i windows is loading after i log in.

I've gone into Services & switched off all apps on start up tab because i think the majority of it is junk. Although the computer is quick at loading the desktop it always sounds like something is running in the background. Is that normal?

  BurrWalnut 15:16 24 Jun 2009

Click the Windows Orb (Start) > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Reliability and Performance Monitor and on the right, click on the drop-down arrow to see what program/service is accessing/using the CPU, Hard Disk, Network or Memory.

Where you have almost permanent hard disk access, it is caused by a number of things. This includes antivirus monitoring and Windows housekeeping, e.g. indexing, checking for interrupts and flushing the file system cache for modified data. This will not shorten the life of the hard disk as much as the number of start and stop operations and the environment the disk is in.

Additionally, in the Reliability and Performance Monitor, click the Reliability Monitor (in the left pane) and the Stability Chart shows the index for a particular date, 10 is good.

  RJack 13:47 25 Jun 2009

Thanks again will check this out tonight

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