Vista ???

  Gamble75 21:01 29 Oct 2007

im getting a new pc for everyday stuff but mostly gaming. But i don't know if to stay with XP or go Vista.
I've lots of stories about Vista taking up alot of speed when playing games and i am worried that i will have loads of problems with it.
Because it's the newest its very appealing but should i stick with the reliable and easy to use XP. ?

  Pine Man 10:44 30 Oct 2007

This question has been posted many times.

Read through this forum and you will find lots of widely differing views and you will still have to make your own mind up!

  Ronnie268 12:43 03 Nov 2007

Use XP, defi nately. Vista can decrease fps by about 20 sometimes. At least disable aero

  pchelper001 20:23 03 Nov 2007

i would stick with xp, as i know it works with all the new games and it is a reliable system, and with vista i lose about 15fps on my games so stick with xp.

  rdave13 21:29 03 Nov 2007

Knowing nothing about games compatibility of XP or Vista and you're buying a new PC; then think of the next few years. What is the future of PC gaming. If you have a PC windows XP already and can use as a standby then why stick to XP? Wouldn't make sense to me.
Though having said that I think the forum members here that are gamers think otherwise.

If I was a gamer my next PC would be Vista.

  matt2000 19:11 11 Aug 2011

I'd get windows 7 because of it's stability and other features xp is slacking already so use a system that can support newer games, old ones work on 7 too.

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