casper69 09:04 11 May 2007


i want to upgrade to vista but ive heard theres alot of trouble with it at the mo i.e. will no install certain software, freezing can any vista users tell me the advantages and disadvantages you have had with it and should i upgrade now or later?


  BurrWalnut 09:08 11 May 2007

Have you run the Vista Upgrade Advisor click here

  ventanas 09:27 11 May 2007

I didn't bother to upgrade, bought a new system instead. But all my old hardware was installed without any problem - two printers; scanner; wireless mouse and keyboard; tablet - all worked. Also all but one of my programs, some of them some years old, installed without any complaint.

Of course I did not risk any disc utilities, registry cleaners etc. That's bound to give you an expensive ornament.

Do as BurrWalnut suggests and run the advisor. Post back the results.

i bought home premium in feburary, i havnt given up yet im trying to get it running on one of my machines, as of yet with little success.
At the time i had a 6 month amd 5200 x2 nvidia 7600gt machine, the upgrade advisor told my the 2 problems i faced was norton ghost and possibly my network adaptor, i wish! i didnt have a program on the pc that worked properly, some people seem to get on fine with it, but if you play games leave it alone for a while. The main problem with games is that vista shares it's video memory and large games programs that access seperate data files are not allowed by it's security (a problem with LOTRO) out of, now 47 latest games none work well, some limp along, most crash or dont load at all, even in compatibilty mode.
i have since bought a quad core twin 8800gtx sli pc for vista, i took it off after a very short while as i found it pretty much unusable.
i also found it like xp wilth a new paint job at first, couldnt find anything positive it did that xp didnt, i am trying to perservere with it as i want to see the directx 10 games, but they seem a long way off, i found the extra security patronising and annoying in that it doesnt learn, ie you will get the same pop up/ allow window for a program you run at startup every day, all the extra security it offers you will find any decent internet security program offers.
It also eats power IMHO you need at least 2gb ram, a good midrange (been around a bit grx card, as the directx 10 ones are struggling to find drivers, your running processes will go up by about 10 and it makes both my pc's a lot louder (more fan activity)
As i stated some people love it, personnally i kinda wonder what its all about. i guess it needs a little time to settle in.
if you go with vista, dont upgrade, do a clean install.
other problems found
on ie 7 sometimes you have to slow down typing as it omits random letters.
screen lock ups (any driver)
It's a little big brother, and patronising on the security side, i turned off all ual after a very short while!
my 2 online banks dont recognise it as a secure link
it runs evrything hotter but i cant find any compatible monitoring equipment
from what i have read if your pc is over 6 months old get a new one.
im sure others will add to this.

  casper69 14:37 11 May 2007

thanks for the response im gona use the vista advisor when i get home, from what adman 2 says its sounds like i may need to get a new pc

  HighTower 14:56 11 May 2007

Everyone has their own story, but I'm running Vista Business Edition on a a two year old Compaq with a 2.8GHz processor and 1.5GB RAM. I've also got a 256MB Graphics Card in there, and on this modest specification Vista simply flies.

No problems at all with the installation. On my PC it's a noticeably faster, more stable and more user friendly OS than XP. All I want from an OS is for it to work, and for me Vista does. I was sceptical at first but am now converted.

But as I say, each has their own story and doubtless there are many who can't get it to work the way they want.

  Totally-braindead 15:54 11 May 2007

casper69 it does really seem to depend. I have a Asus A8NSLI Deluxe motherboard and others with the same motherboard have got theirs working relatively easily. I had problems and ended up reverting to XP.
All the problems as far as I am concerned are not down to drivers alone. There was obviously something about my PC that Vista didn't like.
What this was I'm unsure, some of the things I could live with such as the odd program not working but what killed it for me is the keyboard missing letters as I typed. For instance I would try to type "Hello there" and it would come out as "Hll hre". I couldn't live with that and could find no solution to it at the time, or since come to think of it.
Anyway, some have got it going ok and some have not. The ones with it preinstalled on a new PC seem to have no real bother at all.
I will be trying Vista again as I have the disk but at the moment I'm a lot happier on XP.
Those that got it running properly will obviously disagree.
And at no time did I go WOW when seeing it. It was more a case of "so thats what Aero looks like" "quite good I suppose". Not slagging Vista its just I wasn't that impressed, of course I only had it running a week but for me XPs better at the moment.

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