Visat can't connect to laptop

  MaxxLenoxx 02:49 28 Jan 2008

Ok, here's my situation...
I have a primary computer with XP that manage my router (LinksysWRT150N). Today, I bought a brand new laptop with Vista on it. I've tried to connect to my router but it doesn't work. It recognize my network, the signal is very good, but if I connect I receive a message that I can't connect. If I plug the laptop directly to the router, everything is fine. But I can't connect it via WLAN. Somebody help please!

  BurrWalnut 05:23 28 Jan 2008

On the XP machine, you need to type into a browser window to find out the SSID and the corresponding WEP or WPA key. If asked for a user name and password use admin for both.

Once you know the SSID and key, on the Vista laptop go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Set up a Connection or Network (in the left pane) > Manually Connect > Next. Now type in the Network Name (SSID), select Security Type and type in the WEP/WPA key. There is more chance of a reliable connection if the key is typed in hexadecimal rather than as ASCII characters. You may also want to tick ‘Start this connection automatically’ and ‘Connect even if the network……‘ > Next. Lastly click ‘Connect to‘ and you should connect to the network.

  MaxxLenoxx 13:14 28 Jan 2008

Thx BurrWalnut! I already did the steps you mentionned. When I connect to my network via WLAN, I immediatly receive the message that there was a delay with the connexion or user's manual action. Someone gave me a link to Microsoft website... it was about Registry problem with Vista compare to XP SP2... I'm an average user and I got completly lost. Maybe it'll help.

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