DJ Techz 16:19 11 Oct 2008


My laptop keeps saying that I am low on memory and has to close programs. My task mananger says that i have 71 % physical memory free. Is it because I only have 3GB left on my primary (C) hhd)



  DJ Techz 16:21 11 Oct 2008

I can email anyone a screenshot of the error message I have just got

  Woolwell 16:49 11 Oct 2008

Almost certainly the problem lies with lack of space on your hard drive. MS recommends that Vista needs at least 15Gb of free space. You will need to get free up some memory or get a bigger hard drive installed.

  peter99co 19:06 11 Oct 2008

Maybe you can move files onto an external hard drive? Photo/Music etc.

Depends on your spec really.

  DJ Techz 20:56 11 Oct 2008

I have bought a 16GB Memory Stick ( (£16.99(If you want to know))) so I am going to put my 5.2GB of photos on it so it will take my primary free space up to 10GB. What I might do is delete the rubbish music.

  peter99co 21:17 11 Oct 2008

I would suggest to protect your photographs you make a copy on a second device.

I would be devastated if I lost my photographs due to a memory fault. Hard Drives up to 500 gig are less than £50 are now available.

I keep two 80 gig drives for backup use.

  peter99co 21:20 11 Oct 2008

If need music on the laptop I plug in a drive containing all my music.

  DJ Techz 21:25 11 Oct 2008

i have a pc that is is really slow and a bit old so that will be my backup plus they can go my mums new laptop she has 75GB free on her hard drive


Thanks for all the advice

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