virginmedia/vista incompatable

  calvoandy 15:25 09 Mar 2007

I bought a new PC with Vista preloaded about a month ago and was previously using NTL as ISP. On set up, using my existing modem all was fine for the first couple of weeks. Now my broadband connection has slowed down immensely (it took nearly a minute to load this page). Phoned Virginmedia(sounded like a third world call centre) to explain the problem and was told that they are not compatable with Vista and that my new PC would need some new configurations. As an absolute novice, PC wise, I wonder if anyone has experienced the same problems and if there is an easy solution? I was given the of what was described as an expensive charge line by Virgin. I had signed up to the 2G(medium) connection.I have disconnected/reconnected the modem but no change is apparant.

  Kate B 16:05 09 Mar 2007

The problem is that whoever manufactures the modems Virgin gives its customers has not got off its proverbial to produce Vista drivers.

  dth 16:39 09 Mar 2007

i am guessing that it is a usb modem - if so you would be better off getting a proper adsl modem/router from a computer shop (these work automatically with any o/s and don't need any drivers) and throwing the usb one in the bin

  Kate B 16:55 09 Mar 2007

And don't buy an ADSL modem, make sure you buy a cable one!

  hiwatt 15:54 02 May 2007

My girlfriend is just about to get connected to the internet with a brand new computer with vista installed.What is the best isp to go with vista?Are bt any good.Thanks.

  Kate B 17:47 02 May 2007

hiwatt, you should start your own thread, either here or more probably in Consumerwatch, don't hijack someone else's.

  bribar 14:51 13 May 2007

I had the same problem, try getting rid of all your cookies and internet files, it worked for me.

  tigerb 15:45 14 May 2007

I have a desktop with XP connected to Virgin by cable 2mb which runs with no problems, my wifes new laptop with vista downnloads by wifi with no problem except unable to load the Virgin PC guard (Not compatable)

  wallbash 18:17 14 May 2007

Vista works with Virgin

The important thing to remember is that vista will only work via ethernet...USB will NOT work.

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