virgin broadband disabled on start-up

  Seth Haniel 12:47 18 Nov 2009

Windows 7 installed (on top of Vista home) - but everytime pc booted up now there is no Broadband connection - diag,. finds nothing -- going and disable and then enable connection gets it going - till next time its switched on.

so much for 24/7 connection!!!

  User-1229748 13:22 18 Nov 2009

do you have the automatically detect settings checked in tools-internet options-connections-lan settings.what i have noticed with windows 7 if i turn router off and then back on again i have to launch internet explorer before a connection is reported in the notification icon.i'm with virgin national.

  Seth Haniel 13:51 18 Nov 2009

will look tonight

  Seth Haniel 19:37 18 Nov 2009

this is something to do with pc start - have to disable then enable to get connection ??

  gazzaho 10:32 19 Nov 2009

Do you have a router connected? Does the Internet work when you bypass the router and plug directly into the modem?

I had a problem a few days after installing Windows 7, I don't know if one is related to the other or not but my router refused to work with the DHCP auto configure settings. I had to enable the Clone MAC address in order to get it working, something I never had to do before. I bought a new draft N router a few days later and again I couldn't get it to work unless MAC cloning was enabled so it's not related to the router itself. I'm wondering if Virgin Media has made any changes or if Windows 7 has changed the IP address of the computer. I do know that the IP address displayed in the router MAC entry field was different than the current one. Perhaps Windows 7 changed the IP address.

  Seth Haniel 09:45 04 Dec 2009

after weeks of not connecting

so no answers really

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