Vinyl to CD recording

  wids001 11:27 14 Sep 2010

I am finding it very difficult to obtain a USB turntable that is Windows 7 compatable. Also the ones I have seen come with Audacity software. I would prefer to use Magic Audio Recording lab, but is this W7 compatable and would this work with a USB turntable?

Thanx in advance

  john bunyan 15:48 14 Sep 2010

I use the turntable of an older system , the amplifier of which has a headphone outlet , which I plug in with a (3.5mm male at each end) stereo lead into the microphone socket of my sound card on the PC. I do the same with a cassette raidio to captuer and convert cassette tapes. I acually use Roxio Creator 2010, but am sure other ecording suites would work.I do have a separate X-Fi sound card.(W7)

  john bunyan 16:00 14 Sep 2010

PS I actually save MP3 format in iTunes (free), then burn occasional CD's from that, although most of my music from vinyl, cassette, reel to reel tape and CD's are now converted into MP3 in iTunes and listened to via an iPod Classic and a combined 30 watt "boom box" /DAB radio.
Why not go the whole hog and eliminate CD's?

  wids001 08:59 15 Sep 2010

Thanks John Bunyan for the info. I have already converted my vinyl/CD collection to MP3 and have it stored on 2 ext HDD's (one is a copy) - In total I have copied over 6000 albums/CD's/ Cassettes using Magix Adio Labs 10 via my old machine with XP, connected as you do via the headphone socket.

Now I have one of these Acer All-In-One set-ups, so I would need a usb turntable. I don't have many items left to transfer, but would like to complete the project.

I have since found out the Audio Labs 16 IS W7 compatable, but I can't confirm that this would work with a usb turntable.

  john bunyan 10:48 15 Sep 2010

You have clearly done more than I!
I have W7 and use the set up I stated. I can see no reason why W7 would not recognise a USB turntable. By all in one, do you mean an Acer laptop?

  wids001 08:14 16 Sep 2010

john bunyan

No, not a laptop. It is a 23" HD touchscreen screen with DVD writer in the side of the screen and 6 USB ports on the back & 2 on the side. It has a 750gb HDD built in plus Freeview TV. 5.1 surround sound (from what seems like 2 small speakers on the front of the machine, but watch a DVD and the sound is amazing! No big boxes just the screen and that is it.

  john bunyan 13:19 16 Sep 2010

Rather than buying a USB turntable, could you use the headphone out socket on you old vinyl system with one of these adapters? Might be worth a try.I assume you have Wt now, as I have. I actually use Roxio Creator 2010 and the microphone in socket of my dedicated sound card.

click here

  Coltch 16:10 16 Sep 2010

I use my old turntable connected to the phono jacks on my X-Fi Elite Pro's breakout box, then record to MP3/OGG through either the Creative Console or Audacity.

This is not a cheap solution as the X-fi was about £200 when I bought it - still I now have my old white labels stored as MP3/OGG on my PC & phone!.

  QuizMan 20:55 16 Sep 2010

If you have an old amplifier and speakers, you could connect the amp to the line in jack socket of your sound card/motherboard and connect any old turntable to the amp. That is my set up and it works very well.

I did think about buying an Ion usb turntable, but, like you, found they were not W7 compliant.

  wids001 09:52 17 Sep 2010

John Bunyan

"Rather than buying a USB turntable, could you use the headphone out socket on you old vinyl system with one of these adapters?"

Of course! In a panic of finding nothing that was W7 compatible I have overlooked the obvious! All I need to do now is upgrade my original Audi Labs software to V16 which is compatible and use my old hi-fi system headphone out socket with the cable I already have to the twin RCA sockets located on the side on my new comp.

Exactly as I was doing with my old set up! Thank for stating the obvious which I had totally overlooked. I had it in my mind that I would need to wait for a compatible USB turntable, ignoring the fact that it was the software that was the problem and that is now solved.

Thanks to everyone who responded

  KremmenUK 06:59 24 Sep 2010

Most of it is covered click here

Ideally though, if you have access to an old system with a cassette out phono setup that is te ideal solution as the signal level is perfect (and what I used).

You just need a suitable package to clean and normalise (get all the sound levels the same whilst reducing signal-to-noise ratios) the recordings.

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