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  john bunyan 10:35 17 Mar 2015

I have two of my own PC's on Windows 7 (ultimate and Home premium). I also loosely supervise 2 (nearly) adult granddaughters' PC's . Two are again on W7 and one light laptop with W8 on it took me 3 days to update to W8.1 , by the time it was ready for use with partition for data, and other programmes such as anti virus installed etc.

Th question I have is because I am about to buy an ultrabook for one of the above. It will have w8.1 on it I think. I would appreciate a summary of what those who have tried Windows 10 think of the system. Also, If I were to update my slightly elderly Desktop to it, I notice it seems not to include Windows Media Centre - I have a built in TV tuner which I use quite often in the background. Is there a WMC for W 8.1 or W10?

  john bunyan 10:37 17 Mar 2015

I meant to post this on the Windows Forum; maybe FE could move it?

  rdave13 11:54 17 Mar 2015

It's an addon in win 8. Look for add features for Windows. Used to cost a tenner I think On my phone at the mo Not easy to reply. Google should show where.

  wee eddie 11:54 17 Mar 2015

So long as my screen doesn't have to display lots of stupid little boxes, active or otherwise, I can come to terms with almost anything else that they throw at us.

When my PC is not being used, I like my screen to display the picture of my choice as a way of making the room interesting.

  john bunyan 13:21 17 Mar 2015


As far as I can see via Google, WMC is only available on Windows 8.1 Pro - not as a stand alone add on to the free 8.1. Windows 8.1 pro is £189 from Microsoft or a bit less via Amazon.

For my own PC's I will remain on W7 and see what windows 10 brings in the final version, and see if one of them has WMC.

I occasionally use the PC as an additional TV recorder or for watching rugby or such whilst doing other PC work.

  john bunyan 13:24 17 Mar 2015

Sorry - just found another link where you can get the add on for £99.99

MS Feature add ons

  john bunyan 15:40 17 Mar 2015

No, but I like WMC and use it as a recorder too.

Anyway the problem is a bit academic as I have just run the Windows 8 compatibility check and my AMD Athlon(tm) 64 x2 Dual Core 4400+ processor is said by MS to be incapable of updating to Windows 8.1 due to "Processor incapable of running CompareExchange128".

Looks like I will have to stay with W7 or be blackmailed into buying a new PC. Thanks, MS.

  robin_x 15:59 17 Mar 2015

There may be workarounds eg Updated BIOS or Windows 10 32 bit or some more involved frigging around

click here

  john bunyan 16:06 17 Mar 2015

I did look at those. However it may be time to buy a new desktop anyway. I may wait until Windows 10 is pre installed as an option on new desktop PC's , and am keeping an eye on Chillblast's offerings. Such a fuss, though, as I have programmes such as Photoshop CS5 , and am happy with my Office 2007 suite and so on. Also I have a couple of slide out caddies for second drives . The whole "faff" of a new PC makes my brain hurt....

  john bunyan 16:07 17 Mar 2015

PS I was also hoping for views on Windows 10 from the brave pioneers...

  rdave13 17:24 17 Mar 2015

john bunyan , you're right. Not available on 8.1 only the pro version. They expect you to upgrade to pro for the use of media centre. Thumbs down for that one.

I'm on the tech preview now and I quite like it. Still teething problems though. Control panel gives the option to add features. I can add media centre as I already have the key. Can't buy anything 'in my area'. Cortana is also disable 'in my area'. Although I had a go at changing region and languages etc.

Start is ok. You can list all your programs/apps as before but with the tiny app icons. Move your favourite apps to the right etc. Have it part screen or full. An interesting article here.

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