Using Recovery discs.

  bturner 20:53 03 Apr 2012

I am unable to do a system restore (get an error message) since I used Revo uninstaller to take off the remnants of Avast antivirus that was causing problems since the latest update.

I use my PC for work and it functions ok except I cannot open any email pages or view some video like Youtube.

The PC did not come with a Windows 7 disc and I was prompted to make my own Recovery discs and a system image, drivers and application disc, all of which I did.

I have never had to use them before so have no experience on what to do, I assumed if I put the first Recovery disc in the CD tray that it would automatically play but it does not.

I have set all discs to automatically play.

I would like to revert the PC back to how it was when I first bought it as I have no pictures, music or movies saved so am not worried about losing anything.

What do I need to do in order to use the Recovery discs?

  rdave13 23:30 03 Apr 2012

What make of PC is it? Usually you can find the manual on line on how to re-set to factory settings. Most well known makes also have a hidden recovery partition you should be able to access on boot-up.

Usually, with the recovery disks, you need to boot the PC so you can insert the first disc in the DVD drive (bios is usually set to boot from CDs now) then restart the PC and it will boot to the disc. You then follow the prompts. Before you attempt anything let us know the make and model of the PC.

  bturner 06:33 04 Apr 2012

Thanks for the reply.

It is a Packard Bell One Two. It did not come with a written instruction manual (just a fold out diagram)which is not very helpful for some like me with limited knowledge.

I do not know what a hidden recovery partition is or how to find it but what you said about entering BIOS makes sense, I think I have to hit either the F8, F12 or the Delete button repeatedly when it is starting up to enter BIOS mode.

So you think there will be an option for me to pick so that it starts up using my recovery discs? Then it should put the settings back to when I bought it. I just hope the 4 discs I made work properly.

  lotvic 12:52 04 Apr 2012

Packard Bell support

Restoring the operating system

"If your software fails to respond or the system is infected with malware, please use the following steps:


Prior to reinstalling Windows, undo the changes that may cause the problems. Please, visit our knowledge base article Using System Restore in Windows XP, Vista and 7.


If the problem persists, use the recovery software to restore Windows to the original factory state:

Make a backup of personal data, as the recovery process will erase all your files, such as email and photos. Power on your computer. When the Packard Bell logo is displayed, press and hold the ALT key while pressing repeatedly the F10 key. Release the keys when a message displays that Windows is loading files.

After the system recovery program has loaded follow the prompts to reinstall the operating system.

In case the recovery software does not start, you need to use Recovery DVDs or CDs; please visit our knowledge base article Recovery using CDs or DVDs."

"Recovery using CDs or DVDs

Power on your computer. When the first logo screen shows, press repeatedly the F12 key to enter the Boot menu.

Use the arrow keys to select your optical drive.

Insert the disc labelled System CD in the optical drive and press ENTER, The system will load from the Packard Bell Recovery Media.

After the system recovery program has loaded follow the prompts to reinstall the operating system."

  rdave13 12:53 04 Apr 2012

You will need the product number ie, (PW.U34) or similar. Then go to the Packard Bell site here then select your PC, OS and select the documents tab. Restoring your PC info will be on the documents you download. I don't think there should be any need to go in to the bios as I think it will be set up to boot from CD first.

Download your documents and follow instructions to restore from the hidden partition.

  bturner 07:26 05 Apr 2012

Thank-you both for the replies.

Lotvic, I have tried step A many times, it goes through the process but cannot complete the restore to an earlier date.

Step B, reading what you posted it looks like there is a programme built in that I can access by Alt F10, so I may not even need the Recovery CD's I made last year, good because I am not confident that they will work.

rdave 13, I am using Windows 7 home and the model is Packard Bell One Two L5831.

In the link if I click "desktop, One Two" in the select product model I cannot find my model, as you say most are PW---, clicking on show all models bring up L5800 and L5810 but not L5831.

  rdave13 09:44 05 Apr 2012

Recovering from within windows,

Start- All programs- Packard Bell Recovery Management. Click on restore tab- restore to factory defaults- click on yes- ok.

Recovering from Hard drive as above, During start-up press and hold ALT key while tapping F10. You should get to the recovery management screen. If you miss it then reboot and try again. Click on restore system from factory defaults.

  bturner 08:02 06 Apr 2012

rdave, thank-you so much for this information, I had no idea this was possible. I really could have done with an instruction manual.

In your opinion are any of the 2 options you posted above preferable? I like the idea of "start, all programmes, packard bell security and support, packard bell recovery management, restore, completely restore system to factory default".

It says, "all data on C:\rive will be deleted which is fine" but what does it mean when it says "(*Reboot needed)? Is ig going to ask me for some discs?

Thanks for your patience.

  bturner 10:50 06 Apr 2012

Thank-you very much, I followed the procedure you kindly informed me of.

"start, all programmes, packard bell security and support, packard bell recovery management, restore, completely restore system to factory default".

It worked, I am very happy.

I am able to connect ot the internet, uninstalled Norton Antivirus that reappeared with the restore.

Downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials which completed a scan.

I will download Malwarebytes and I use that to scan once a week. I will download Superantispyware and perform a search once a week.

I noticed Windows Defender is turned off, should I turn this on or will the above 3 be sufficient?

  rdave13 12:33 06 Apr 2012

You'll be fine without Defender. One other program I'd recommend is Spywareblaster (free version) as it is a blocker of bad sites. As a free version you'll need to check for updates manually. Sometimes others on here kindly post if there is an update. Glad you're up and running.

  bturner 13:06 06 Apr 2012

Thanks for the link and I am very grateful for your help, it feels great to get the PC back to normal again.

I am printing this post out in case I have a similar problem in the future.

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