User Account problem in Windows 7

  Paul33 00:06 11 Mar 2015

I'm slowly migrating from one desktop PC to a newly purchased refurbished PC with Windows 7 on board.

The new PC has a single administrator User Account called "HP" and I've changed the name of it (via Control Panel) to my name "Paul". The issue I now have is that under C:/Users I have a new sub-directory called "Paul" but there is still the original sub-directory called "HP".

Whenever I install a program after logging in as "Paul", it defaults certain elements of the installation to the C:/Users/HP directory which then causes all sorts of errors afterwards.

I figured I would be better off going back and changing the User Account name back to "HP" but it says that account already exists ..... even though I changed the name earlier !

I seem to be in a mess here ..... can anybody help dig me out ?

  robin_x 00:35 11 Mar 2015

Run System Restore to before the changes, see if that helps.

Create a new User Acoount Paul with Admin privileges.

You can enable the real Administrator Account so you can see it and use in emergencies. It can be hidden again later if you want.

click here

Switch User/Sign out/Log off to see choice of accounts

Hopefully HP is not the real Admin account renamed. Not even sure you can do that. It's probably bad practice anyway.


Did the seller give you a W7 Installation Recovery DVD (not just a Repair Disc)?

Or is there a Recovery Partition still on the main drive?

It's best to think ahead for worst case problems.

If System Restore fixes the HP Paul problems, and before you install lots of stuff you could make your own set of 3xRecovery DVDs.

Macrium Reflect Free would do that.

  robin_x 00:38 11 Mar 2015

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