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  Pine Man 10:02 11 Mar 2007

I have been running Vista Home Premium for about a week and I am very pleased with it.

UAC is a bit of a nuisance and as I am the only user is it really necessary to have it set?

Also there are a number of folders that Vista will not let me access even with UAC turned off. One such folder is 'local settings' and if I try and alter the permissions to access it it denies me.

I am the only user and administrator.

Anybody got any ideas?

  a member 10:45 11 Mar 2007

open drive C, or whatever drive Vista is on , navigate to the (local settings) folder in question.

right click and select "properties"
select SECURITY tab, then choose "Advanced"
Click on Owner and then Edit, current owner is probably listed as "System"
Highlight your identity and click Apply.
A window will open telling you that you have just taken ownership of this file , and that you can now edit or change permissions , click ok.
you must now close the file in question and reopen it before you can change permissions .
be careful though , this is after all a system file and any changes you may make could adversly affect your OS .

  Pine Man 11:25 11 Mar 2007

Thanks for your help it worked.

The reason for requiring that access was that I remembered in XP there was a temp file in Local Settings that had tons of stuff in it and it wasn't readily accessible to clear so I put a shortcut on the desktop.

Vista has the same folder and after a week it has loads of stuff in it - all I need know is the courage to empty it!

  a member 11:30 11 Mar 2007

copy the contents into a spare folder on the desktop and delete the originals , if you get an problems you can all ways replace some of them.

worth backing up for a few days , if after a week or so you get no problems then delete the backups too.

  Pine Man 11:33 11 Mar 2007

Good idea!

  PurplePenny 17:18 11 Mar 2007

Is it one that System Tools: Disc Cleanup empties?

  Pine Man 18:35 11 Mar 2007

No, there are two Temp folders, one is in Windows and the other is a hidden file in Local Settings.

It was a long time before I found it in XP and had run Cleanup several times, which appeared to leave it untouched.

  Pine Man 18:43 11 Mar 2007


I just ran cleanup and it deleted the Temp files in Local Settings BUT not the ones in Windows.

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