user account control: is it worthwhile . DEBATE

  PhiltheFragger 12:27 25 Nov 2007

I have been using vista for a fair while now and the one thing that really bugs me is the User Account Control asking me to confirm my previous action.

I have never had to tell it to stop an unauthorised action or program

My question is therefore Is it worth keeping or knocking out

My system is protected by a standard netgear router with built in firewall. Vista's own firewall. AVG free and windows defender.

  anskyber 12:32 25 Nov 2007

No perfect answer to this. I tend to just click through if I know I'm altering something like updating a program.

I think it's there as a fallback given that not all security measures are foolproof, things can get in, the last defence if you like when it will ask you "are you sure"

  Pine Man 15:44 25 Nov 2007

I am the only user of my PC and have now disabled UAC.

It wasn't that much of a problem but I drew the line at having to allow several well known progs as well as Microsoft Money 2005 to load each time.

It really is a pity that it can't have a memory, like a firewall when you first set it up, so that it 'learns, from your usage.

  skidzy 18:28 25 Nov 2007

Both replies make perfect sense.

I once ran a thread about UAC being disabled,and sick of the warning notifications.This i cured.

My idea of UAC;

If you are the only user and surf sensibly,carefull of your downloads etc...i would disable UAC as i have done,but thats my preference.

Though if children are using the computer,i would most certainly leave UAC enabled.

  PhiltheFragger 21:12 25 Nov 2007

sounds very reasonable
any other ideas out there

anybody actually stopped a "nasty" thanks to UAC?

  ventanas 22:23 25 Nov 2007

Not yet, but I'm quite content to leave it alone. It's only a minor niggle. And it may save a lot problems one day.

  gudgulf 22:38 25 Nov 2007

One of the problems is that UAC wont stop you from clicking through the installation of a *nasty* on your pc.

If you have kids and they want to download something than they will just click *allow* to everything and let it onto the pc.

Yes it can act as an alert to think it may well stop you installing something you'd rather not have on the pc.

As far as I'm concerned though the constant pop-ups and nag screens are worse than any malware I've had on my pc over the last 3 years or so.....that is NONE! I turned it off and good riddance.

If I'm being perfectly honest the UAC debate is now irrelevant to me as I've just this minute finished formatting my system and reverting to XP Pro.

A temporary goodbye to VISTA until I can completely update my hardware and VISTA has undergone a significant number of updates (SP1+).

My C2D e6300/2GB Ram/7900GT is far more responsive under XP.

  sinbads 09:20 26 Nov 2007

I agree with gudgulf, as i see it UAC provides no real protection only annoying popups.

Without the abillity to learn like firewalls etc this vista protection is usless, most people i know have dissabled this feature.

Maybe MS will update this function till then my UAC remains disabled.

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