USB2 Card reader and Vista Help

  Demora 13:19 21 Oct 2007

I have vista home premium running ona Packard Bell M35 notebook with 2 gig ram and am having trouble getting the thing to recognise any of my card readers. It keeps telling mke they are unknown devices. (not all plugged in at once)

They worked fine a couple of weeks ago.

I haven't installed anything or uninstalled anything since I last used either device.

I had seen a fix somewhere but I cannot find it.

BTW I don't have any driver disks for either card reader. and all seem to work fine on the xp computers.

any help PLRASE.


  Totally-braindead 14:30 21 Oct 2007

Can't help I'm afraid but I'll be interested in seeing if someone has a solution to this. Reason being I bought a cheap card reader for a friend with a Vista laptop and he just plugged it in, Vista installed its own driver and that was that. I would like to know if there is a problem in case it happens to him later on.
As far as I know you shouldn't need any driver disks, as I'm sure you know yourself as it worked before.

  Demora 16:35 21 Oct 2007

I have discovered 'NOTHING' USB will work at the moment. I haven't yet tried a mouse or keyboard but my Logitech Speakers(PID: A706 usb speakers) are coming up as unknown device, and they worked before.

BTW Tried a system restore and nothing was any different.

I am getting really fed up with Vista as nothing seems to work or work for Long. I have all the admin rights etc. I would happily go back to xp but thats another tale.


  Demora 16:43 21 Oct 2007

BTW This definately a driver /vista problem as power is getting to the devices, they light up if there are lights 0n the devices.


  [email protected] 17:28 21 Oct 2007

have you tried uninstalling usb2 from device manager and rebooting?

  marble 20:52 29 Oct 2007

Demora -

There is a thread in the Helproom (which actually refers to a Vista pc - click here

The chap(ess)who started the thread got sorted out by getting the machine replaced by the supplier apparently :-(

I am still sufering I am afraid :-(

  marble 20:53 29 Oct 2007

Sorry - bad spelling etc day - apologies!

  Demora 00:01 30 Oct 2007

Yes I'm off to Currys with it later this week as it has driven me nuts. Its not just Vista.


  marble 13:58 30 Oct 2007

Demora -
Don't quote me on this but from my rumblings around some people have no usb support at all, some have only some of their usb devices working but not other ones.

I was told today by a 'guru' who works in a PC related shop that sometimes Windows doesn't seem to have loaded properly and hasn't enabled some usb (or all) of the usb support that it should - in which case go back to the place you got the machine from - just like you propose doing - hope you get on OK - do let us know.

There is some usb support on the 'sick' machine (keyboard/mouse/pen drive - will check pen drive works on all usb ports)it hasn't yet used the card reader and maybe in my case it is usb print support that is lacking. I will get on to Dell this afternoon.

Good luck.

  Demora 16:56 31 Oct 2007

Yes Its going backon Friday. I emailed 'The Tech Guys' on the 11th July) 2 days after I bought this Packard Bell M35. It had a Pixel out of the screen and I couldn't get the thing to make a backup dvd I solved the backup DVD by downloading a patch for the machine above it. But now there are 2 pixels out.... the problem with the USB and the clock is never at the right time, Always losing.

I have tried it back with Win xp but not had much chance this week to est it out. The 2 pixels has gone back to one though.


  Ronnie268 18:43 31 Oct 2007

I have this same problem. I inserted my camera which worked about 2 weeks ago, and now it doesn't recognise it. Also, sometimes when taking out the SD card from the camera and inserting it into the built in card reader, it lights up, but does not register in my computer. When in Vista Service Pack 1 out, as i think that might sort some of these problems?

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