USB Portable Drive not Recognised on my PC

  muckbucket 10:43 28 Jan 2008

Good morning all.

My little 2.5" Fujitsu USB portable works great on my Dell PC (XP) but my new Dell (Vista)laptop does not recognise it all at all. Not on MY Computer, or on the Explorer so I cannot even try to format it. (if that is what it needs.

Please help. Thanks in advance


  BurrWalnut 11:12 28 Jan 2008

If it’s working on XP, I assume you have files on it that you want to keep?

This may help you see it if it‘s hidden, right-click Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management then right click on the drive that is 'hidden' > Change Drive Letter/Paths... > select a letter from the end of the alphabet > OK and the disk should show in Computer. Try another letter if it stays hidden.

If you really want to format it, right-click Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management. If the drive is completely new, a message “You must initialize the disk…” appears, click OK. Now right-click the graphic for the drive then choose “New simple volume”. Allocate the amount of space you want to use, i.e. all of it or some of it so that you can have more than one partition on the disk. Now format it. Repeat the “New simple volume” procedure if you have decided to make multiple partitions. If I remember correctly the new drives are then labelled “Healthy, Primary” in the graphical display.

  brundle 12:00 28 Jan 2008

Try USBDriveCleanup from here; click here

It will clear out the list of drives that have been plugged into the USB ports. (Remove all your USB drives before running it). Reboot, try your device.

  muckbucket 20:57 30 Jan 2008

Oh dear Burrwalnut, no such hidden text exists.
What do now


  jtt 12:26 31 Jan 2008

I had a problem with an external hard drive. It works fine on XP (several different PCs) but doesn't work on Vista (admittedly only 1 PC tried since my PC is the only Vista PC I've come across). The Vista PC recognises that new hardware is connected, but then goes on to say it cannot use it.

At the time, I did some Google searching, and read that Vista is much more fussy about external drives than XP - the drive has to respond in exactly the right way for Vista to use it. XP is more tolerant. If it doesn't work, there's probably no fix, since these devices don't have downloadable drivers as far as I'm aware - Windows uses built-in drivers for them.

I bought my external drive well before Vista came out. I suspect that a new one wouldn't have this problem since it would hopefully have been tested with Vista.

I'm not sure if this information is correct - bear in mind that it was obtained from the internet.

  BurrWalnut 14:24 31 Jan 2008

Read through this cumulative update rollup for USB core components as it may help, click here

  dms05 14:56 31 Jan 2008

I had a similar problem when I first bought a new Vista laptop a week ago. I solved the problem by unplugging all USB devices and then adding the USB HDD first. It worked OK. I then added other devices and eventually the HDD stopped working when I added a Docking Station (for which I had to download a Vista driver). If I left the Docking Station disconnected all was fine so I decided the Vista driver for that piece of equipment was probably the problem.

  muckbucket 07:50 01 Feb 2008

Thank you all, Jtt, your view is rather disconcerting, I am now going to try the new advice. Alan

  jtt 13:05 01 Feb 2008


When you first plugged it in to your Vista laptop, did you get the "found new hardware" balloon, then the "installing new hardware" (or similar words to these). If so, what happened next - did a balloon appear saying "device now ready to use" or something similar?

  muckbucket 20:51 03 Feb 2008

Hello Jtt. No it didn't. I have just tried it on my son's new computer with Vista and it works perfectly. So it seems that copying from XP and then plugging into a Vista computer is not the problem.

Thanks all of you for help so far. Now what do I do?

Alan (Confession, My name is not really Muckbucket!)

  peter99co 21:37 03 Feb 2008

It looks like your son may have won a new hard drive.

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