USB dialup modem not detected

  polymath 21:42 09 May 2008

Trying to get new laptop connected to the internet, and installed Vista driver from modem's CD. Vista can't create a connection because ir can't detect the modem, though correct driver showing in Decice Manager (which says it's working properly). There are no yellow ?s, and my mouse works in any of the 3 USB ports.
I asked Vista to query the modem, and the 'data' light flashed on the modem and a list of queries & answers came up that I don't know the meaning of.

I've been trying the Helproom, forgetting there's now a Vista forum (this troubleshooting lark does seem to stop me thinking straight sometimes!) I can't figure out how to copy the thread properly to here. It's at click here, with more details including the modem query results if they're any help.

  brundle 23:08 09 May 2008

Check the Vista Hardware Compatibility List; click here

From experience, you'll be inundated with updates that are too big to download at 56kbps....

  polymath 13:46 10 May 2008

Thanks, Brundle (I've only just been able to come back here). I'll do that; I see the Compatibility List needs at least Internet Explorer 6, which I'll have to install again first; I have it on some PC Advisor disks. (I recently reinstalled 98SE in this old computer, and then the recent Firefox & Thunderbird, but hadn't got round to updating the default IE5).
Whatever it takes, lengthy downloads included! (Roll on, local wireless broadband).
Back in a while...

  Ashrich 20:16 10 May 2008

polymath has posted a 98se query on a Vista thread , caught me for a few moments as well !!!


  Ashrich 20:19 10 May 2008

(I recently reinstalled 98SE in this old computer, and then the recent Firefox & Thunderbird, but hadn't got round to updating the default IE5).

Sorry for being thick ,of course you haven't got Internet connection on the Vista PC hence using 98se , daft idiot I am ....


  polymath 20:39 10 May 2008

No luck with Microsoft's Hardware Compatibility List, brundle. I reinstalled IE6 & used it to go back to the MS page, but it still informs me I need IE6 (and apologises for any inconvenience).

I've now emailed the support people at the modem manufacturer (eTec) to confirm compatibility, and if there's an updated driver I need. But I don't know how soon they can reply (sigh).

Meanwhile, perhaps my next step is to find a translation of Vista's modem queries & replies? At least 2 answers in the list are 'success', but I can't figure out anything else (never learned any programming language except Dos & Basic). I'll check my (comprehensive) Dos book first in case they're just arcane Dos commands.

  polymath 20:00 11 May 2008

My fault about accessing the Compatibility List after installing IE6! I'd bookmarked the MS page I got to in Firefox, and blithely copied the URL into Internet Explorer. But of course I'd just bookmarked the page saying I needed IE6.
Having reached the (not very long) list, it didn't include my modem.

Searching the MS site found some modem troubleshooting advice (albeit for Win98SE) that included an MSDos 'echo' command, & explaining what it means. The first 2 letters, AT, meaning 'Attention' (telling the modem that information's coming), start each modem query that Vista does for me.
So it looks like they're in MSDos, but I'm none the wiser. My Dos book doesn't have the 'AT' command, or modem ot query in the index; then I remembered it was published in 1988, when comms was very expensive and very, very fiddly!

Maybe I'm on the wrong track, and there's a simple answer staring me on the face? This troubleshooting game always seems to be beset with red herrings...

  polymath 20:02 11 May 2008

Forgot the point made on the Microsoft site that not being on the list doesn't necessarily mean it's incompatible with Vista.

  polymath 21:02 21 May 2008

Still trying.....

Whatever those modem queries & responses mean, it doesn't look as if they're any help. I also have a new desktop with the same OS (but was trying to learn from my mistakes on the laptop, before starting to use the desktop!). I've now connected the desktop to the internet (using with the same modem), albeit briefly (due to abysmal phone line, probably). I queried the modem from the desktop at various stages, and got exactly the same results as with the laptop (whatever they mean). The desktop hasn't had any problem detecting the modem.

I'm still trying to figure out how the laptop can communicate with the modem without detecting it.

Any more ideas?

  freyabo 01:55 22 May 2008

I have a new PC with Vista, and am also using a dialup modem at the moment.(problems with broadband modem)
I've found that Vista will not recognise the modem if I try to connect after Windows has loaded UNLESS I disconnect and reconnect the modem from the USB port once Vista is up and running.

I have to do this every time I start up the PC.
Give it a go -
Turn on your PC, let Windows load, log on, etc. and then pull the usb lead out of the modem, wait a sec or two, then reconnect it. You'll hear the Vista sound for 'Found new hardware' and if you then try to connect to the net you should be successful - well, it works for me!
Good Luck,

  Esc4p3 12:34 22 May 2008

You have my sympathies, I too have had modem/Vista issues. Have you tried a different USB cable from PC to modem, might be worth a try. Also agree with freyabo about connecting and disconnecting the modem - I have had to do that a few times. I used to have a Zoom modem that seemed be installed and connected correctly but caused me no end of problems, I gave up and got a Serial modem which works like a charm (although I have since gone onto broadband). Assuming you recently purchased the modem is it also worthwhile swapping the modem completely for a new one incase it has some kind of internal fault. HTH

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