urgent help!!

  mogbat 23:26 15 Feb 2007

my hp pavillion laptop dv8324ea has an intel centrino duo t2400 processor, according to the intel web site its a 64-bit processor.

i have just brought a oem version of windows vista home premium 64-bit and it won't work..

why... i'm running windows xp home 2002.
is it because of this fat 32 thing..
if so how can i do is easily please
regards mick

  Totally-braindead 00:01 16 Feb 2007

Firstly a better description for a title would be best the next time you post.
I'll try to help but this is not a simple problem, let me explain why.
Firstly your laptop. I presume it came with a Windows XP restore disk and not a full XP disk. You may find that there is a hidden partition on your hard drive that has windows XP and all the drivers you need for your laptop.
A hidden partition is basically a part of your hard drive which you cannot see and windows may well be installed in there.
If you blank the computer which you will need to do you will probably lose XP and have no way of putting it back as the info on your hard drive will be gone.
Regarding the FAT32 thing. I believe that Vista uses a new file system and that you would need to format (that is blank) the computer with this new file system, which you should be able to do from the Vista disk and then install Vista.
But heres the problems. If you did this then you lose XP totally. Theres no way to get it back. You might have to buy another copy of XP if the Vista installation failed. Also 64 bit Vista uses different drivers than the more common 32 bit Vista. Now the Vista disk MIGHT have many of the necessary drivers on the disk, but it might not. If it doesn't then you would need to get them from the HP website. But there might not be 64 bit drivers written for your laptop and you need 64 bit Vista drivers, 64 bit XP ones will not work. You can see the problems. If you can't get these drivers then at best your computer might work but not too well and it worst it would either crash or just not run.
I've had a look and there do appear to be 2 64 bit Vista drivers, here they are click here
but I have no way of knowing whether these are all you need, perhaps the other drivers are built into Vista but I just don't know, if any drivers are missing then it just won't work properly.

  Totally-braindead 00:04 16 Feb 2007

Perhaps I should have started by asking what you tried to do with the Vista disk. Is XP still on the laptop and running ok or is it already gone?

  mogbat 00:10 16 Feb 2007

i was told that the 64-bit version of vista i purchased could be used to either upgrade or do a fresh install.
it came in the post and i popped it in the dvd drive to upgrade. it just said that it was not compatable with this operating system.
i then presumed that my processor was not 64-bit but was sure it was.
then someone told me that windows xp only does not recognise 64 bit processors if they are using fat 32..
i have already visited the hp site and downloaded all the vista divers onto a usb stick.
i'm comfused!!!

  mogbat 00:15 16 Feb 2007

Is it just easier for me to get the 32-bit version then to save any headaches later on.

  Totally-braindead 00:24 16 Feb 2007

Yeah I can see why.
To be honest with you I am not experienced enough to guide you through this. Everything may work out ok and it may not, if something does go wrong then you would be left with a PC without an Operating System and you couldn't do anything with it. I haven't tried Vista yet. If it was XP I would know what I was doing but not Vista.
Leave this thread open and see if anyone else jumps in. If not then tommorrow just type bump or can anyone help to move your posting back up to the top. Don't start another thread about it just use this one.
I can't comment on whether an OEM disk can do an upgrade. OEM is meant for use on a new PC only, you are not meant to use it on a PC that already has an operating system. That could be the problem.
You might be able to blank it and install from scratch but if you do blank it and things go pear shaped you're left with an unusable PC. Unless you do have a full XP disk of course, if its a full disk and things do go wrong you could always go back to XP.
I'll pop in tommorrow and see whats happening. I don't want to give advice that might screw things up.

  Totally-braindead 00:26 16 Feb 2007

Took me a while to type that, regarding the 32 bit Vista you would be in the same situation with installing it I think.
See what the others say, you might not get much of an answer till tommorrow as its a bit late.

  mogbat 00:27 16 Feb 2007

Ok, thanks..

  anskyber 09:17 16 Feb 2007

Vista will not run on a FAT32 file system, full stop. Given that most laptops are set up using the FAT32 system the future for those with upgrade vouchers will be interesting.

To get from FAT32 to the system Vista uses NTFS it is necessary to convert (note the word convert) from FAT32 to NTFS. A conversion will (unless you are unlucky) save all your files, settings and programs. The conversion is not a format which deletes such things.

Many laptops come with their own conversion tool, have a look in all programs to see if there is an HP tool to do it, otherwise it will need to be done by a command prompt.

Remember too that 64bit is very specialised and will only accept signed drivers, there are many fewer of them around at the moment and an update to 64bit is likely to be more problematical than to 32 bit.

  mogbat 09:54 16 Feb 2007

Hi, i'v just found a conversion tool on the hp website, apparently it does it all for you....
i'll give it a go and let you guys know..
i might be some time.........

  Kate B 12:08 16 Feb 2007

Good luck with it. I'm inclined to advise people to steer clear of 64bit Vista - I can't see any reason why a home user would want or need to use it. There are just too many issues with drivers, made more difficult by the fact that 64bit Vista insists on WHQL drivers - you simply can't force it to accept unsigned drivers. I've got a 64bit processor and I'm running 32bit Vista and wouldn't change.

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