URGENT!!!! Aol and usb modem drivers.

  wolfie3000 14:59 22 Mar 2007

Iv just been informed that when i install Vista to my machine that my usb modem (BT Voyager 105)
Wont work Because of driver issues,

There solution, buy an ethernet router,

click here

I will be getting Vista in a few days and i cant afford to be offline,

So do i pester Aol to sort this problem out for me, Buy this router thingy, or switch to another I.S.P. (if so which one??)

I dont want to buy another piece of kit because of this problem i just want a B.B. connection when i install Vista.

  Pine Man 15:14 22 Mar 2007

I was in the same position as you as virtually all the modem manufacturers hadn't developed Vista drivers.

Unfortunately the advice from AOL is good. Ethernet routers don't need drivers and that is the route that I took.

Another thing to consider is that there are no firewalls for Vista yet as far as I know but if you get an ethernet router it has a built in firewall and with that firewall and the Vista firewall you are pretty safe.

  wolfie3000 15:19 22 Mar 2007

Trouble is i dont want to fork out more money for a router.

I(f i change my isp using a mac code will they supply a modem and drivers that will work with vista???

  Pine Man 15:28 22 Mar 2007

It depends on the ISP.

Most of them supply Speedtouch modems, which as far as I am aware still haven't got drivers. I suspect that this is the case with most USB modems so the only other option is to try and find an ISP that supplies ethernet routers.

  wolfie3000 15:33 22 Mar 2007

i guess your right, its a mess judging from what i found on google.

I hate problems like this, as it means forking out more money in order to use Vista,

Also i dont have a clue about ethernet router thingys,

Why cant life be more simple :(

  Pine Man 15:43 22 Mar 2007

Don't worry about 'ethernet router thingys' they are an absolute doddle to set up and they also seem faster.

If it's the difference between Vista and not having it - go for it!

  skidzy 15:46 22 Mar 2007

wolfie3000 i was told the same,i have a speedtouch 330 usb modem.I Googled for a while to get some info in preparation for my vista machine.

Basically the modem driver would not work unless i altered the script code from the drivers,i did not do that at all.

After trying to install the modem,i had error after error,however removing all usb devices and there drivers and making my modem the first driver to be installed sorted this for me.I happily connect with no bother now and im not using the Vista beta driver availble.

Not for one minute am i saying this will work for you,but did for me.

  Kate B 17:02 22 Mar 2007

Get an ethernet modem/router, wolfie, you won't regret it.

  gazzaboy 17:26 22 Mar 2007

i had the same problem.If your current contract is up with aol(if you have been with them for over a year)you can take on the £14.99 wireless package which comes with wireless router vista compatible.you dont have to use it wireless either

  picklsey 18:14 22 Mar 2007

don,t panic do as gazzaboy says phone aol tell them you are leaving them and the reasons why,they will send you a netgear wireless router.you don,t need to run it as wireless just plug it into your ethernet port.comes with all the cables and installation cd.you,ll be up and running in about 10min.

  jas7 09:21 25 May 2007


Do you mean just use an router or ADSL modem router i.e a router with an inbuilt modem as opposed to a router that sits between your computer and your usb modem? Sorry this might seem a dumb question but it is an important distinction.



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