upgrade or not?

  dare012 23:38 09 Dec 2009

i have a laptop & desktop with windows 2000 on it
is windows7 a good upgrade or not never put XP or vista on them
as i never did like them and the pain in the a$$ they are
just after a work horse like 2000 is


  ambra4 01:45 13 Dec 2009

“I have a laptop & desktop with windows 2000 on it, is windows7 a good upgrade or not

Never put XP or Vista on them”

If you are happy with 2000 stay with it, Windows 7 is Vista with a facelift and some major

changes that make it more compatible with XP and Vista programs and more user friendly

Making the upgrade from 2000 to 7 would be a major upgrade for you as the layout and access to

difference areas of the OS can be a real pain

If you want try windows 7 I would suggest that you install it on a second hard drive on the

Desktop, which would you to change back to 2000 without to much hassle, by just rebooting the

computer and selecting the correct hard drive to boot from

Listed below is just a few sites that will help you to tweak Windows 7 to your liking

Windows 7 Forums.

click here

How-To Geek Windows 7

click here

Microsoft Windows 7 Help and Support

click here

Tweaks Windows 7

click here

  ambra4 01:52 13 Dec 2009

Sorry “which would you to change” should read, “which would allow you to change”

The two hard drive system is what I have at the moment on my desktop which allow me to

choose which OS to boot from XP or Windows 7

  dare012 13:39 13 Dec 2009

thx m8 after a long think about it the second drive is what i have come up with to

  canarieslover 14:25 13 Dec 2009

If they both came with Windows 2000 on them it would suggest that perhaps they are a bit too old and restricted in specification to even run Windows 7. A bit more information on the hardware specs of both machines would make it much easier for meaningful advice to be offered.

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