Upgrade or Custom install to Win 7

  sallyann4 21:59 31 Aug 2010

Good Evening,

Bit lost with this and any advice would be appreciated. I have searched with Google and looked at the Toshiba support site without being able to get any definite help.

I have an 18 months old Toshiba P300 1C9 running 32 bit Vista with 4 Gb Ram and am about to move to Windows 7. Windows Upgrade Advisor says I can upgrade to Windows 7 (no mention of custom install) whilst Toshiba says it has to be a custom install.

Windows Upgrade Advisor recommends un-installing ATI Catalyst Install Manager and Catalyst Control Centre-Branding prior to Upgrade? If I follow Toshiba’s advice and do a custom install would I still have to remove the above two items? I am thinking that maybe the correct drivers will be with Windows 7. If I do need to remove them before doing a custom install then I am at a bit of a loss as to what exactly to re-install. My graphics card is an ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 and I found looking around the ATI website rather confusing as to what downloads were required to re-install these two items.



  gengiscant 08:19 01 Sep 2010

This should answer some of your questions,click here but in effect a custom install,I believe, is really a clean install.Which would mean that it is unnecessary to install anything, as Windows 7 will wipe your drive and install all the drivers for your laptop.

So it would be best to backup your files and you can make things a little easier for your self by using this,click here to install some of the more popular programs we all use.

  a member 08:43 01 Sep 2010

I have a radeon card in both my pcs , its normal for ATI to make a single package for cards that work with vista and windows 7 .I have upgraded such machines with success ,without needing to uninstall anything.
gengiscant, is right a custom install is a new fresh install that will wipe (quick format) your drive , followed by install ,you will get the opportunity to choose where to install (if you have more than one drive) and you will need to choose language ,time zone ,set up an account name and password etc .
none of which apply with an upgrade .
it has been my experience that windows 7 upgrades pretty efficiently from windows Vista .
STEP ONE.... Backup ,your important files any documents photos,music etc .along with favorites ,and make a copy of your email contacts
and account details .ALLWAYS GOOD TO DO THIS AS A PRECAUTION . if you have any backup program you could create an immage of your drive .
put in the windows 7 disk and choose upgrade ,a few simple steps ,and you should be back up and running with all your stuff (files /apps etc) intact .
should things go awry ,you will have the option to fresh install and add your personal stuff manually .but I really dont see any problem with upgrading . here are the drivers for your graphic card mobility radeon 3600 series .select option 2 69.1mb .
click here
good luck.

  sallyann4 00:08 02 Sep 2010

Sorry for the delay in answering you guys but it’s been a very busy day.


Thanks you for your advice and the links. The first one I had already printed off most of it as well as a load of Toshiba documentation and the second link looks very useful. I have been, bit by bit, preparing for the change to Win 7 for a while now and it was the Catalyst Control Centre and Install Manager stuff were I felt I was out of my depth.


Thank you as well. I have tried to prepare for the change over as best I could and as such had taken an Acronis image of my Vista installation as well as a separate one of my emails. I had also run Windows Easy Transfer as well as backing everything up manually just to be on the safe side. I am glad to hear that Win 7 upgrades efficiently from Vista and I may try it first contrary to what Toshiba says as my Vista installation is running really well. I could take an image of the upgrade and then try a custom (clean) install and see which seems best. Your advice and link for the graphic card drivers has solved my main difficulty so thanks again for that.

I will post a follow up in due course and let you both know how I get on.



  sallyann4 16:16 05 Sep 2010

Hi again,

Reporting back as promised. Though Toshiba said I had to do a custom (clean) install, I decided to try an upgrade to Windows 7 which Microsoft Upgrade Advisor recommended. It appears to have been very successful. I followed Microsoft’s instructions for upgrading and uninstalled the following first:

ATI Catalyst Install Manager which also removed the Control Centre-Branding. In fact it removed all the ATI software from my laptop.

Intel software for the keyboard and mouse.

‘Bluetooth Stack for Windows’ by Toshiba.

Canon Easy Photo Print EX for my MP620 Multifunctional printer.

The upgrade went smoothly and the first Windows Update put back the ATI drivers for my Mobility Radeon 3650 Graphics card and also the Intel software for my keyboard and mouse. I downloaded the ‘Bluetooth Stack for Windows’ from Toshiba’s site and also the Easy Photo Print EX software from Canon support and both items installed okay.

Merlinx, I downloaded your recommended package from ATI’s site but haven’t installed it as everything appears fine and as I said earlier, Windows Update put back the missing ATI drivers. I’m therefore presuming it won’t now be necessary to install the package? I'll see how things go. It seems you were right on the button when you said Windows 7 upgrades pretty efficiently from Windows Vista.

I have tried virtually all of my programs including all the preinstalled Toshiba ones and can’t find any faults as of yet.

Thanks for your help.


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