Updates will not install

  swapper 11:56 16 Apr 2014

Vista Home Premium, My friend has 71 uninstalled Windows updates which keep attempting to install and taking hours. We have stopped the automatic update and I wonder if we can remove the uninstalled updates and then reinstall them manually? We don't really want do a complete reinstall of Vista, so would appreciate any suggestions or alternatives please.

  Forum Editor 10:07 17 Apr 2014

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  northumbria61 20:14 17 Apr 2014

It is possible to remove updates, but not updates that affect important operating system files and you should remove an update only if you're sure that it's causing a problem.

As Jock1e has suggested, try a few at a time and see how you get on.

Take a look here to see if anything helps. Windows Updates Failed

  davidburns54 10:16 21 Apr 2014

See if there is anything here that may help Microsoft Support

You say you have turned off automatic updates - have you/she tried installing a few at a time?

  swapper 07:48 22 Apr 2014

Thank you.

We will follow the advice given.

What we have done is managed to do a CHKDSK and Scannow, which we have had problems with, and her Laptop now starts and closes without the updates kicking in. We did a few "team views" and we managed to install most of the 71 updates, 5, 10 at a time, very long winded because of the restarts each time.

What we have found is that it is the .Net Framework updates that seem to be causing a problem, in particular 3.5 .Net Framework (I seem to remember that there are about 4 x 3.5 updates). We have tried to reinstall one of these, one at a time, each time getting an error message.

If we follow the Method 2 in the above reply (3 years old), do you think that this may solve the problem or is that a more up to date approach?

But once again, thanks for the advice, we are winning slowly.

  swapper 23:01 26 Apr 2014

We have now installed all the straightfoward updates, by doing just a few at a time. All that remain are 10 .Net Framework SP2 and 3 Framework 3.5

We have downloaded the framework fix recommended by microsoft, but it did not change anything.

We have restarted the autoimatic update option again and her laptop seems to running o.k. at the moment.

As I understand it, an o/s can run without the Framework installed correctly but it may cause problems to certain programmes?

I would like to get these updates installed correctly for her and would appreciate any further advice, thanks.

  rdave13 14:11 27 Apr 2014

You could try the .Net Framework repair tool, Link.

  swapper 16:47 27 Apr 2014


Thanks, but I/we have tried that and it did remove quite a few problems, but we are still left with 13 .net Frameworks that will not install!

I have read the item below elsewhere, and am wondering if this will do what we want, i.e. remove the 13 problems updates so that when we can reinstall one by one. any ideas?

"If you go to the Windows folder on your C: drive you will find a folder called Softwaredistribution. In there is a sub folder called Download. Delete everything in this folder to stop the repeated attempt to update. Turn Autoupdates to only Notify".

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