updates shutting computer[vista] down.

  kencloth 17:48 16 Apr 2008

since buying my new laptop, i'v had it shut down on me on numerous occasions with no warning, whilst in use.it go'es first to shutdown window & then to configering updates then shuts down.on restart it go'es into the configering updates phase again taking 10to15 minutes to boot up.any suggestions on how to over come this would be greatfully recieved.

  anskyber 19:12 16 Apr 2008

Can you check to see if you have KB937287 click here update?

  kencloth 12:27 18 Apr 2008

how do i find if i have update KB937287!i'v tried the search feature but it found nothing.i'm a techy dunce i'm affraid.

  anskyber 12:40 18 Apr 2008

Control Panel > Security > Check for Updates > View update history, then check the list.

  kencloth 09:59 22 Apr 2008

many thanks for your replies anskyber,i'v checked my update history and indeed have KB937287 installed.suggestions please.

  anskyber 10:14 22 Apr 2008

It was a problematic update, one which was designed to pave the way for SP1 but for some it created problem, particularly endless reboots. In the end Microsoft withdrew the update and have sent out a revised version.

Now, it's only a guess on my part that this update is your problem but if you wish to test things the answer is to uninstall that update.

You can do so by going back to your update history then select Installed updates top right. Find the update highlight it and uninstall it. If after that you then check for updates you may be offered the replacement update.

I am not guaranteeing success but you might decide it's worth a try.

  hiwatt 14:35 22 Apr 2008

This used to happen with me.Surfing away on the net and windows would just shut down configuring updates.The only thing that worked was to turn off automatic updates.I've got it set to notify of updates and I can install them when I chosse not windows.

  kencloth 14:55 23 Apr 2008

i've ticked the resolved box to give time to see if either of the above suggestions cure the problem.i may be back!thanks for your feedback so far.

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