Updates needed for SP1

  NotVeryTechie 14:25 14 Apr 2008

Hi there

I read the instructions in the PC Advisor magazine about installing SP1 and they mentioned three critical updates needed before installing. I don't have an internet connection and have been going to friend to download things I need. Then I transfer them on a memory stick and install them. I downloaded most of the stuff I need, but I can't download KB935509. It wants a validation, which my friend's PC is not allowing (security settings) and then wants to run the update, not save it. Not sure if I can get it any other way. What should I do? I don't want to fiddle with my friend's setup too much.

  anskyber 15:03 14 Apr 2008

Try this it may let you download and save click here but,

Given that it is a preinstall to help SP1 install MS will want to know that the current OS (ie on your friends machine) is a valid copy hence the validation bit.

This update did cause some problems on a few machines and has been reworked and released just recently.

  anskyber 15:06 14 Apr 2008

If your friend is willing you could take your machine around to allow for the validation of your own copy of Vista.

  anskyber 15:10 14 Apr 2008

This is the "new" download click here

  NotVeryTechie 15:27 14 Apr 2008

Thanks guys. I managed to get the file (KB935509) saved to disk. Now, if I put it on my computer and install, will it still need the validation bit or is it ok to install it without that?

  anskyber 15:29 14 Apr 2008

Try it and see. If you have a genuine copy there will be no problem.

  NotVeryTechie 16:10 14 Apr 2008


  jakimo 01:26 15 Apr 2008

As your Pc is not connected to the net it may not be wise to install Vista SP1 manually,when windows update is set on "automatic download" it will only do so if all the installed files on your PC are compatible with SP1. If however you do a forced install(manually) and there are incompatible files or hardware installed then you may find that some programs, or even the whole system will cease working.

Even of today,with a reworked SP1 this problem can still apply as I well know to my cost...My current re-installed Windows Vista is now set for auto updates,but refuses to update SP1 as its recognising something incompatible... however SP1 will install if I manually update,followed by a freeze\blue screen and the instruction "go to safe mode" I would then have to re-install Vista again, you`ve been warned.

  NotVeryTechie 13:15 15 Apr 2008

Oh my! Now I am worried. Really nice of Microsoft to force you to have windows in the first place (if you want to buy hardware - it comes preinstalled) and then dump those who don't have interent connections on that particular piece of hardware. Makes my blood boil!

  anskyber 13:45 15 Apr 2008

Whilst jakimo is correct that the online install will offer protection from potentially non compliant drivers and devices SP1 can be uninstalled and the machine rolled back to pre SP1 conditions.

The warning is however well placed, you do run a risk.

  NotVeryTechie 16:27 21 Apr 2008

So that means that anyone without a broadband connection cannot ever load updates to Windows??

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