Uninstalling 'old' Windows Updates?

  tomei 19:51 05 Nov 2008

Had my laptop with Vista one year and wonder if I can uninstall most of the 'old' Windows updates? What about if I leave say the last 6 month updates and uninstall all the rest? Thanks for your opinions on this

  Forum Editor 22:52 05 Nov 2008

is to leave everything as it is.

  Sea Urchin 23:53 05 Nov 2008

I would agree with FE - removing updates, many of which are security patches, would render your laptop vulnerable to infection.

  PC Advisor Fan 09:30 06 Nov 2008

I would also agree with the FE as i'm sure you don't want a hacker getting into your system

  crosstrainer 09:32 06 Nov 2008

You will simply be offered them again via Windows update.

They are there for a reason, leave them as is.

  peter99co 12:38 06 Nov 2008

Does a Service Pack remove old updates?

  Sea Urchin 12:55 06 Nov 2008

.....rather adds in any that you don't already have

  tomei 20:09 06 Nov 2008

Will the continuous Windows updates installed not just eventually take up all available space? Also what happens if at beginning of the year I don't continue with Norton? Do I unstall Norton or is it best all round to just pay up another year's subscription for Norton? Life with PCs are not simple at all.... oh well...... decisions decisions decisons....! Thanks again for your thoughts

  peter99co 23:19 06 Nov 2008

If you decide to go to a Free Anti Virus set-up you should download a Norton Removal Tool to uninstall it. Check Helproom for advice about Free A/V and anti/spywear etc.

How much space do you have free on your Hard Drive?

  jtt 13:17 07 Nov 2008

If you're trying to save disk space (often useful on an older laptop with a relatively small hard disk) you can remove the uninstall programmes for the updates and service packs. This means that you can't uninstall the updates, but if you're not having problems, you are extremely unlikely to uninstall anything that was installed over a month ago. You can also remove the download files for these updates. Combined, these uninstalls and download files can build up to around 1Gbyte. I've done this on several PCs in the past. Post back if you want information on how to do this.

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