Uninstalling Norton

  hiwatt 16:41 18 May 2007

Hi folks,my girlfriends computer came installed with Norton security centre for 90 days.The hardrive had 126gb free of 141gb,now after only installing Norton updates there's 121gb free.That's 5gb in about 2 weeks of Norton updates.That's a lot of space.Would I be just as well off uninstalling Norton all together and installing avg free?Any advice much appreciated.

  [email protected] 17:05 18 May 2007

avg is just over 20 mb, so you would gain a lot, you have antispyware, rootkit detection, patental controls, phishing filter and spam filtering with norton, so i guess you need to decide if you need all the above.

  [email protected] 17:10 18 May 2007

and firewall of course.

  Jimmy14 17:44 18 May 2007

I have Norton installed on a Vista laptop and it doesn't even take up 100mb. Are you sure there isn't any other large files taking up the space?

  hiwatt 18:04 18 May 2007

It's a brand new computer and there is a lot of stuff on it but the only thing that's been downloaded since the 5 gig's "vanished" is the norton updates.

  hiwatt 18:46 18 May 2007

Folks,is there a way I can see how much hardrive space each program uses?Thanks.

  [email protected] 12:46 19 May 2007

If you go to the Symantec web site there is a removal tool.Link below.

click here

  engsurv 12:01 31 May 2007

How much hardware space for each program ?

What operating system are you using ?
In Vista, if you click on Start/Control Panel/Programs/ then Uninstall or Change a progam.....then you get a screen that shows each program size. BUT MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING ON THIS SCREEN OR YOU WILL UINSTALL IT !!

  SteveWH 12:39 31 May 2007

Perhaps this thread might help:

click here

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