farscapeone 19:51 19 Jun 2007

Ok so I know that most people here are a whizz on the computer and you all seem to love Vista despite it's downfalls but I've just had enough.

I recently bought a new computer and it came with Vista already installed but I really want to go back to XP. I just don't have the patience, the time or the knowledge to put up with Vista.

Could anyone please tell me how on earth I get the damn thing off my PC? I have a Windows XP disk from my previous PC but can't install it straight over the top of Vista and I can't figure out how to get rid of Vista.

Keep in mind that I'm not that great with the PC so I really need step by step instructions here. Please help!!!

  Kate B 20:36 19 Jun 2007

First, is your old copy of XP a full retail copy or an OEM? If the latter, you won't be able to install it on your new machine - the licence for it dies with the computer, you can't transfer it.

What don't you like about Vista? It's a lovely OS, far more stable and crucially it's more secure.

If you're hellbent on being a Luddite, you'll have to format your hdd before you can install XP.

  farscapeone 20:53 19 Jun 2007

My copy of XP is a full retail copy. I realise that people like yourself who have a lot of computer knowledge can manage to fix your Vista system so that it works for you but I just can't manage it.

I've really just had nothing but problems since I got the PC, it keeps freezing up, most of the programs I use are not compatible and all in all it's just not for me at the minute.

Maybe when I have more time to figure things out and learn how to use Vista properly I'll go back and give it another try but for now it's far easier for me to put XP on the Pc.
I'm not really that computer literate and it's just easier for now to stick with what I'm used to I think.

How do I go about formatting my hdd? I really have no idea what I'm doing to remove Vista.

i really dont see, how struggling with vista can be compared to someone who was scared of progress? i guess it's safer than xp if you have no protection software, and if you google 'vista' and 'stable' there's many who dont agree with you.
farscapeone you have to format the drive with vista on, i think it's the only option, then a clean install of xp.
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  farscapeone 22:33 19 Jun 2007

Ok so my problem is that I don't know how to go about formatting the drive, I've only ever had to insert a disk to install a new OS before I've never had to actually remove the old one before.

  Kate B 23:04 19 Jun 2007

How about trying to sort out why the PC keeps freezing? That's usually a hardware issue, and will probably continue when you downgrade to XP. Are all the fans working properly? Overheating is usually the cause of unexpected freezes. Also, if the PC is new and is having problems, you'd invalidate the warranty by changing the OS - wouldn't it make more sense to first try and establish the cause of the problems and if we can't collectively, then get the manufacturer involved?

  farscapeone 23:10 19 Jun 2007

The fans all seem to be working fine, no overheating.

My main problem is that most of the programs I use just aren't compatable with Vista. That's what gave me most of my problems in the first place I think.

I kinda just fired ahead installing things without checking compatability first. I've already had to reinstall Vista because the whole thing crashed.

  Kate B 10:27 20 Jun 2007

Hm, are you using quite old software? Try running your programs in compatibility mode.

  farscapeone 11:39 20 Jun 2007

I'm using Photoshop CS, which I suppose is old enough but I can't really afford to go out and buy the newer version.

Can someone please tell me to format my Hard drive do I just right-click on drive C and select Format?

  SteveWH 13:09 20 Jun 2007

Just turn on the PC with XP disc in your CD,choose format HD and clean install.

If the PC doesn't boot fro the XP disc.

Make sure you enable your CD drive as the first boot device in the bios (enter bios usually by hitting delete key before windows boots up.

  farscapeone 13:24 20 Jun 2007

I actually tried booting it from CD but the whole thing crashed halfway through. Will give it a try again and see what happens.

I hope it works because it's driving me nuts. I have so much work to do and can't get any of it done.

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