uninstall nvidia drivers

morning i want to try a beta driver to see if it makes my games playable, i currently have 15824 drivers for a 8800 gts, i downloaded
click here to desktop, my problem is when i remove the old driver the system locks up, screen goes black and the motherboard gives single beeps which should mean ram or mobo failure, i have to hard turn the system off, reboot safemode and either last good config or system restore.
i only have a stabilty problem when i click uninstall nvidia drivers, it has been very stable in all other aspects, i have tested the ram and i dont think this is a hardware problem, i think the uac maybe blocking something, however it does the same with uac disabled.
the system is very stable running all stabilty tests and the hardest benchmarking very heavy hitting apps. its only when i try to unistall existing drivers, any ideas?

  crosstrainer 12:10 20 Jul 2007

This problem is well known with the new cards, I have 2x8800gtx's and had the same problem. The drivers are still flaky, Try uninstalling them in safe mode (worked for me)

Only problem was that the new drivers were worse, and I had the devils own job getting rid! Might be ok with the gts though.

hi and thanks for the reply, the nvid forum is kind of saying the same, firstly stick with current driver as there seem more with the beta and it seems the unistaller on 5824 has problems! lol will stay put for the time being.
thanks again

vista and sli? a braver man than me:)

  crosstrainer 12:53 20 Jul 2007

This machine is an animal! But it's fussy, power-hungry, and not without it's problems, but i like to be cutting edge!

Seriously though, sli and Vista are ok with the older cards (cries to self, as have another desktop with 2x 7900gt's in redundant soon!) I find that vista is happy with all BUT the 8800 series cards :)

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