Unable to open word document

  Keith100 15:31 27 Feb 2014

I have a document in Word. I cannot open it. I have windows 7 & Office installed. If I right click on the file it gives 4 options. Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Windows Media & Wordpad. I've tried those without success. Underneath it gives a Browse option. This gives a long list including Word but I can't transfer anything to join the other 4. Have looked in the 'Help' section again without success. This problem has only just started I have done this without any trouble before. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you. Keith.

  Version 1 15:58 27 Feb 2014

This helps me sometimes

Find file and look at extension for file

copy it and rename the copy with the extension .doc


  Keith100 16:30 27 Feb 2014

Thank you for that. You are obviously more computer- wise than me but I will see if I can do that.

  wee eddie 17:18 27 Feb 2014

Keith: have you got your computer set to display "extensions'?

It makes recognising files easier, and reduces the risk of accidentally opening .exe files.

Otherwise. Right click the file and select "Open with" then select "Word"

  Keith100 20:19 27 Feb 2014

Hi, Sorry I'm not too clever at this - putting it mildly.lol. I have tried double clicking on the file but 'Word ' isn't an option in there - just the 4 options I have mentioned. It gives a Browse option & word is in there but how can I transfer it. I don't understand at all re the setting for extensions.

  lotvic 20:50 27 Feb 2014

"This gives a long list including Word but I can't transfer anything to join the other 4"

You don't transfer it to join the other 4. Just click on 'Word' to select it and click on OK.

Drat pca formatting, I've chopped off the rest of my post as PCA seems to think my post is spam.... I'll try to post 2nd part as a separate post.

  lotvic 20:54 27 Feb 2014

How to Show File Extension in Windows 7 (with pic of screen where you change the setting) click here

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