UAC problems

  orsta 19:23 20 Nov 2008

I turned off Vista's UAC because of all the "are you really sure you want to do this messages", but now i found "Tweak UAC" in these forums i thought i would turn it back on. But, when i did and I clicked onto my profile icon windows would start and immediately log me off. This only happens to my profile. The Guest profile works perfectly.

Has anyone any ideas what is wrong and how I can fix it.

I did a search through this forum regarding this, but drewa balnk.


  Pine Man 08:35 21 Nov 2008

I'm not sure what is causing the problem but a much better alternative to Tweak UAC is Norton UAC click here

This works alongside Vista UAC but has a memory so that it will only ever ask for permission once.

  orsta 14:00 21 Nov 2008

Thanks for the tip Pine Man, I'll give it a try when i get this fixed.

  orsta 20:07 21 Nov 2008

Well i have traced the problem to my profile. Somewhere in there is the culprit. Has any one any ideas which files/folders I should look at first, or should I just delete each folder/file in turn until i find the bad one.

  orsta 19:47 24 Nov 2008

At last i found the culprit. NTUSER.DAT. the solution I found at click here is:

"Re: The group policy client failed the logon. Access is denied?

Took a while for me to figure out. Hopefully this solves the problem for quite a few people that seem to have this problem.

Here's what I used(I on home premium. The problem was with admin account):

You may loose emails on the account(if you had email set-up)

The account should have a ntuser.dat file. Delete that.

Logon to the account that has the problem. You will be notified your using a temp profile.

Log off the account and reboot into safe mode. Logon as that user

open control panel.

Click add or remove users.

click goto the main user accounts page

click configure advance user profile properties.

There should be one that says backup for that account. Delete that. Reboot into normal and it should be fixed.

This is for the built in administrator account. It happens everyday now. deleting ntuser.dat was a temp solution that allowed login until you log off(I think)".

Any way it worked, but i need to restore my folders/files from an earlier backup, excluding off course anything with ntuser in the title.

I hope this can be of help to someone else.

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