Two problems with Windows Mail

  Pineman100 08:04 21 Aug 2007

Laptop running Vista Home Premium.

We have two problems with Windows Mail, as follows:

1. To add a new contact, you open the Contacts window, and then click on the New Contact button. The New Contact window then appears for an instant and disappears again. I've checked and it's definitely not opening underneath any other windows.

So there's no way of adding any new contacts!

2. When you open a window to send an email, you should be able to click on the "To" button to open the list of contacts, then click on a contact to insert them as the email recipient (just like Outlook and Outlook Express). But when you click the To button, a message pops up saying "Unable To Choose Recipients".

The error message box includes a link to a Microsoft forum, and I had a look at this, but despite a number of reports of this problem, nobody seems to have a definitive answer. Some people have had success by uninstalling KB933928, but others say this failed. I don't know how to uninstall a patch, and I'm also worried what else I would mess up if I do uninstall it!

Has anyone got any helpful ideas, please?

  Pineman100 18:38 21 Aug 2007

After some wide-ranging internet searches, I found out how to uninstall a Windows patch. So with some trepidation I unstalled KB933928.

It worked! Windows Mail is fully functional again! And so far as I can see, the loss of the patch doesn't seem to have caused problems elsewhere (unless anyone knows differently?)

But of course I now have a further worry. How do I stop KB933928 from automatically downloading and installing itself again? I'm sure there's a way of monitoring these patches before they install, but have I got to do that for evermore, to keep KB933928 at bay?

  Pine Man 19:18 21 Aug 2007

If you run Windows Update manually it should find the update you don't want and then you can 'hide it'.

In theory you will never be asked to download it again.

  Pineman100 19:22 21 Aug 2007

That's a relief!

  vistahater 06:40 22 Aug 2007

Before I changed over to "live" hotmail I could copy part of a message or a word doc and paste it into a new email message. Now with the "live" version (what was the old one, dead?) when I try to paste in some info from a scorce into a email, it won't let me! Anyone have a way to report this to the people at "live" or a fix for me?

  Pineman100 09:40 22 Aug 2007

You'd probably be better to ask your question as a new thread, as this one is on a different topic, and I'm about to close it.

  Pineman100 10:08 22 Aug 2007

May I just ask you one more question about this?

Given that this Windows patch has caused the above problem for me and others, are Microsoft likely to do anything about it - i.e. remove the bug from the patch and then re-send it under a new number?

I just wondered whether you have any experience of this.

  Pine Man 11:12 22 Aug 2007

Only a guess but if they do send out another patch it should only be picked up by a system that actually requires it and even then, if not, it would be unlikely to affect those that do not require it (if that makes sense!)

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