TV Card

  Cant.think.of.a.username 14:33 28 Dec 2007

I have just bought a TV card for my PC and have recorded a few programs using windows media centre.

How can I burn them to a disc so I can play on my DVD player in a different room. I have tried burning using Nero 7 but the disc does not play on my Sony DVD player.

Do I need to convert or something ( sorry for the technical talk (or lack of!!))

Thanks in advance

  MCE2K5 16:58 28 Dec 2007

sp30294.exe 1/1 (2.48M), From click here, Burn DVD's from within Media Center.

  Cant.think.of.a.username 01:58 29 Dec 2007

tried running that program with no affect

I get a choice within media centre of burning with either nero or sonic

when I burn with nero the disc will not play on my DVD player

when I try and burn with sonic it says media centre has stopped working and crashes

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