Trying to Fix C Drive Corruption issuses! (its in a never ending loop to fix it)

  [email protected] 23:24 10 Dec 2012

I want to shrink my C drive. The volume shrink in disk management. It says that it is corrupt run chkdsk (something like that) SO I run the error checking and restart. Then it says error can fix error (some long thing with a billion numbers. Then it says run system recovery from control panel to back date the c drive to a before hand restore. So I go through that but right at then end the last button to push it says error on c drive first run error checking. I already ran that SOOOOOO now my computer is basically stuck in this endless process of fixing the c drive but with out any luck. PLEASE HELP ME!

  jamieamunra 13:33 12 Dec 2012

Hey Alex, do you have backups of your files? If so you might want to wipe the disk clean then do a fresh install of Windows 7 but this time make sure you partition the drive during windows installation then restore your files after. Why did you want to shrink your C drive? why not just install a second drive?

  johndrew 15:08 14 Dec 2012

You don't say which OS you are using, but you may need to do a 'Repair'.

The way to do this for XP.

The way to do this for W7.

This process shouldn't cause the loss of any data but a backup is always wise.

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