Trying to find some text

  scubatony55 14:46 18 Jun 2014

Hi People

I have several documents scanned into my machine,just under 1gb's worth.

Here is my problem I am looking for a particular phrase (the phrase is "Brand Awareness") contained within the text of the document, the things is I can't remember if it is a Word or pdf. document. I do remember when I saw that phrase I typed it into a word document ( just the two words ) now when I do a search all it throws up is this particular word document.

I can't even remember anything else in the document or even what the document was about, but I know realise that I should have saved this document in a special place.

I expect everybody to jump on me and shout what an idiot, yeah, yeah, OK I admit it.

What I am asking for does anybody know how I can extract this information from my HDD, before I go to B & Q and buy a BIG hammer ?

  lotvic 17:06 18 Jun 2014

Well you will have to open your Word document and on the Edit button you can use 'Find' and type Brand Awareness then it will find it and highlight the words.

Same thing for a pdf, open it and use the 'Find' function.

The keyboard shortcut to open the 'Find' function is: hold down Crtl and press F

  Batch 18:12 18 Jun 2014


I think what the OP is saying is that some documents have been scanned (and maybe converted into a word or pdf file), but that they cannot remember what the files is called or where it is.

Unless the OP can be a lot clearer about the situation (I have to say that I find the narrative hard to follow), I feel one may well be shooting in the dark.

But I do wonder if the documents have not been converted into some searchable format (and so are still image files).

  Woolwell 20:38 18 Jun 2014

Start button - search - type "brand awareness" and see what happens. This may well work.

  BRYNIT 20:57 18 Jun 2014

I think they are looking for a file with the phrase "brand awareness" typed in the text of the document and not in the title/name of the file so searching for "brand awareness" would not help.

I don't think anything program will be able to read the contents of every files to search for "brand awareness" the only way is to open and search each file. With 1gb of files and depending on how many files have to be searched will depend on which year they find it:).

I'd get the hammer out:)

  Woolwell 21:29 18 Jun 2014

Actually it does work by searching for text in a document. It doesn't just use the title. I regularly use that function. You may have to use "see more results". I have lots of files hence my searches.

  BRYNIT 22:59 18 Jun 2014

We learn something new every day

Woolwell I tried your suggestion and had to work my way through different options to get it to worked. It did not not always find what I was looking for, possible due to different formats.

To find a phrase in a document you open computer click on the drive and file the documents are in. Put in the search bar top right "brand awareness" you will get a few icons click on "file contents" and it should hopefully search through the files for any that has this phrase in.

  scubatony55 09:29 19 Jun 2014

Hi everybody

Having read through ALL your suggestions and comments, this might make it a lot clearer

This is an example, the file names are fictious.

My Computer ->- Local Disk C: ->- smith&sonplc ->- joebloggs ->- 2013 ->- july ->- 13th ->- emailfrom-tbrown ->-Dwell on Branding:proof that online engagement drives better results. Excaliba Advertising has proven the importance of advertising by demonstrating a clear link between online ad engagement and measures of positive brand impacts,both online and offline. This report reveals how Brand Awareness brings in the best results through online advertising, and demonstrates the most meaningful measures for success online.

I must state the above email statement is fictious, but with the email you can see the two words that I am looking for.

Now I can't remember if the document containing the words "Brand Awareness" is in an email, word document or pdf or even a jpg.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Now I will address replies individually


reference pdf files, that only works for a document that is already open and it is quicker for me to scan the document with my eyes reference a word document, you can only do this on the word document that is aleady open and if you go to a blank word document "Brand Awareness" is not found.


Maybe my opening statement [ My Computer ->- Local Disk ] etc. might help you otherwise please let me have your thoughts.


That was interesting, it threw up this thread and some of the other Forums that I am on regarding this problem, it also threw up my word document paragraph that contains "Brand Awareness", but not the original text containing all the text (I can't divulge these two lines for personal reasons)


@ 20:57

Just checked I have over 200 files and folders, this goes to make up my 1gb


@ 22:59

I have already undertaken this facility and the results are as explained earlier in my reply to Woolwell.

  Woolwell 10:30 19 Jun 2014

Keep searching. It may take some time.

  wee eddie 10:31 19 Jun 2014

Searching any Text based Document shouldn't be a problem, so, any of them that are converted to Word, or any other Text Format, should be easy in Windows own Search Engine.

However a PDF is, effectively, a Photograph and I am not familiar with any Search Engine that can sort that one out.

  wee eddie 10:32 19 Jun 2014

Unless you can combine it with OCR Software

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